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Hi all! 

1. What styles VFFs do you currently have? 
I just bought some KSOs last week at REI, and I love them.  I've worn them around the house quite a bit, and I've run/walked 4 miles in them after wearing them around the house for a few days and my calves hurt for 3 days after! 
2. How did you first hear about VFFs?
Web, REI, friend
3. How long have you had your VFFs?
about a week
4. What do you enjoy doing in your VFFs?
very much
5. Do you have any funny stories about people seeing you in them?
no, but plenty of people that have seen me in mine probably do.
6. Have you ever spurred anyone else to get VFFs?
not yet- my wife is on the fence
7. What is your job, and will they let you wear VFFs to work?
I'm in IT, and the dress code is pretty casual, but I'm still a contractor, so i won't wear them to work
8. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
my calves are kinda sore
9. How'd you hear about
looking for VFF info, and how to avoid soreness in your calves...did someone mention a video series that Justin published somewhere? 


  • Welcome!  :)

    I see you're already experiencing "VFF calves."  That seems to be an essential part of the break-in period.  Take it easy; they'll toughen up before too long if you don't rush it.
  • Thanks Rana!  It snowed here in Austin today (no, really), so i'm confined to wearing them around the house til tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to getting back out there! 
  • I think it's odd that you get snow in Austin and I recieve nothing in Frisco...but, I'm so grateful.  ;D
  • on 1267033429:

    I think it's odd that you get snow in Austin and I recieve nothing in Frisco...but, I'm so grateful.  ;D

    Texas has crazy weather. It was almost 80 on Sunday then it snowed on Tuesday and now it's almost 60 today.

    The birds were so confused by the snow yesterday, but much less than the stupid drivers.  ::)
  • Welcome to the forum!  ;D
  • Welcome. Loved your answer #5.  As for your calves, I did calf raises (on a step) several times a day for some days before trying to run any real distance. So far, I've been spared calf pain.

    Good luck!   
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