Flat Feet and the Vibram Five Fingers

Ahoy there fellow five-fingers fans.

I'm new to the whole community etc and was curious, has anyone got Flat-Feet or Pes Cavus who has any difficulties with the Vibram FF?

I myself suffer from Overpronation, although my podiatrist has diagnosed me with it, but not exactly flat feet, my ankles roll in and the arch will get fairly low when putting weight on it, although it will spring back up to normal again.

Will this affect my ability to wear the Vibram FF comfortably?

I was also considering getting repair surgery done to my ankle and arch areas. If anything I'd kill to have been born with Pes Cavus instead.


  • I had flat feet, but since getting my VFFs last year I am the proud owner of arches. Check the arches thread and you can see pictures of my feet changes.
  • on 1267724233:

    I had flat feet, but since getting my VFFs last year I am the proud owner of arches. Check the arches thread and you can see pictures of my feet changes.

    I just checked it out, that's pretty impressive!
  • My boyfriend has flat feet.  Yet as he started wearing his vibram's he's started to get arches. He also finds them very very comfortable.

  • the same with my friend - he now has arches and fewer problems with shin splints.
  • I am flat footed to the point that any shoes with "arch supports" give me cramps in my arches. I'm hoping the CFFs will help strengthen my arches too!

    I am already noticing that I'm walking differently in the VFFs than in regular shoes after only four days, too. It's absolutely fascinating.
  • Hi - I'm relatively new to this site and just started barefooting slowly in the past couple of weeks after reading "Born to Run"

    As a kid I was diagnosed with flat feet and quickly given orthotics. The local running store also recommended Brooks Beasts shoes for me later as an adult.

    I've read posts about how Hawkeye and others have been able to develop arches with VFF's after childhood - but I was also wondering for any other flat-footers out there who haven't been able to develop an arch what your experience running in the VFF's have been like?

    I've worn orthotics since I was 12 when they were prescribed (now I'm 36) but from what I've read there doesn't even seem to be real agreement that orthotics actually prevent lower leg injuries. Also, the doctor who prescribed my orthotics back then didn't once mention any foot strengthening exercises or other ways to develop an arch (so aggravating).

    So - I remain hopeful that I might start to see some arch development, but does anyone know what the supposed dangers of running flat-footed are supposed to be? Has anyone with flat feet been running in VFF's for a while and/or at longer distances? Several years ago I ran the LA marathon, but that was with orthotics and the brooks beast motion control shoes.  any insights would be appreciated.

    Right now I'm taking the barefoot transition slow and focusing on correcting my stride and paying attention to any new pains...so far so good.

    Also, for anyone else who was prescribed orthotics as a youngster - I found the wikipedia page on flat feet useful as a general overview:
    I found out that I have flexible rather than rigid flat feet (I didn't even know that there were different kinds) and it also made me conclude that the orthotics might be overill for what they're supposd to fix.
  • Ok I've been a running coach for 13 years and I have seen every kind of foot out there.  There is no such thing as a medically diagnosable flat foot.  It is just weak muscles.  Orthotics will support those weak muscles but in the long run make the muscles around them weak as well.  I am now a medical professional as well as a coach and I can tell you that in the medical world they treat problems, they dont usually worry about solutions outside of alleviating the problems.  Anyone with flat arches, overpronation, or anything else you can think of can indeed fix those problems and either going barefoot, wearing five fingers, or doing foot exercises and getting into neutral shoes will see their problems magically disappear.  I do not have anything against shoes but I have a big problem with shoes and orthotics that do not fix but merely temporarily alleviate problems.  if anyone needs help with this i am more than happy to assist you.  either contact me through my site gobarefooting.com or email me a [email protected] you dont have to deal with those issues, they can be fixed. 
  • Thanks for the response Jimmy. I look forward to checking out your site.

    I'm going to keep with the slow and steady approach and I'll update everyone with how it goes.

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