cheers from switzerland

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hey everybody

i am 24 (still a student) and i've been running on and off for the last 3 years, on and off mostly because i fell out of the rythm after getting sick or when had shin splints that one time. i ran from juli through november last year (generally three times a week, each time 6 to 7.5 miles with the final/fastest pace of 7min 20s per mile) but then stopped because of university stress.

i ordered my first pair of vffs in mid february after someone else pointed them out on another board and i went through alot of the only material on them (like this site). i went with flow treks because when i ordered them we still had snow all over and my normal route is through the forest, so it's not cleaned up. over the 1,5 weeks it took them to get here the snow vanished while i was starting to run again in my shods, trying to already convert to fore/midfoot striking. i never had a very strong heel strike since my stride has always been rather short and my general running style didn't seem to be that much off (surprisingly enough).

2,5 weeks ago i finally got my vffs and luckily enough they fit perfectly, except for my pinkies, which are apparently really small or they start further back than those of most people, so it takes some doing to get them in right and they only fill about half of the vff toe, but while walking or running they're fine. my first run was on my normal route, which is 1,25 miles uphill (500 feet), then a loop of 1,25 miles and 1,25 miles downhill for the finish. obviously i did far more than i should have and ended up running for over 30 minutes, doing intervals of running and walking on the uphill part (calves! outsch!). it goes without saying that my muscles were really sore afterwards and i had to take a three day break before going at it again.

two days after it snowed a foot high, which made me once again happy with my flow trek choice. so the next day i went at it again, this time i changed my route so that it wasn't as much uphill running and i only did about 20 minutes at first. over the next two weeks i increased it up to 35 minutes, but still only about 200 feet altitude. sadly snow starts being a real bitch when it begins to melt and the ice or sludge make downhill running a pain, i also feel like snow (even if it's new and all cozy) is really not a good idea to start on, since you have hardly any idea what the actual ground looks like (stepping on big pointy stones isn't funny) and at least for me it was hard to get to a proper forefoot strike sometimes.

last week the temperatures finally went up again, all the snow melted away and i increased my runs to 50 minutes and once again to the initial altitude change, although i do the uphill part over a longer distance now. my biggest problem is that i feel like an elf dancing through the forest and want to keep on doing so for two hours, but my body just doesn't support it yet. i also catch myself accelerating all the time and need to force myself to take it slow.

i already ordered a pair of navy/camo classics for spring/summer wear and i will get a bikila as soon as they're available. i might also look into buying a sprint for smooth terrain in summer and maybe a kso trek for winter wear, we will see.

see ya around :)


  • Welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying your flow treks. I don't think you'd need the KSO trek if you have the flow trek, which is just as warm. Perhaps you should just get a normal KSo to go with your classics.
  • the flow treks are indeed very warm, i haven't experienced anything yet that would make my feet cold, but they really look like diver-wear, which is why i don't really feel like wearing them in the non-running-public. kso treks on the other hand look quite classy with the leather (i'd rather have a thinner sole with leather obviously, but that doesn't exist yet). i read that many people love ksos, maybe i will too if i get some, but there currently isn't a color-type that really speaks to me, maybe brown, but i am not (yet) feeling the kso vibe.
  • Gruezi! Bonjour! Ciao!

    I'm a little jealous of your Flow treks. I'm running a race tonight through some coulees filled with snow in my regular Flows. I'm sure the trek traction would come in handy.

    Enjoy the boards!
  • Welcome!  :)
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