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Hello, I'm just another barefoot guy from Alaska now residing in Florida for school. I've had my Sprint's for at least 2 1/2 yrs now and just bought a pair of KSO's. I've been into VFF's since the Surges were still shown on the site so I'm proud of that. =] Well, hello.


  • Welcome!  :)
  • welcome! ive been a vff enthusiast since the surges will still out as well.
  • That is the only discontinued model I want.  They would make excellent shoes where there is snow on the ground. 
  • i was told that there is a store in kentucky or tenesee that still carries them. but i cant remember for the life of me. :(

    are there other discontinued models?
  • Nice, I haven't ever needed them even in the snow.. The FLOW's do a better job than the SURGE's so I'm guessing they didn't find them practical with the flows.
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