Can you put your Classics on without using your hands?

I can -- anyone else do this?

The technique is to slip your toes into the front -- almost like how you slip your foot into a shoe, but with your toes sliding into the individual toe holes.  Then, with the big toe of the other foot, you flip the heel back and BOOM!  No hands right foot.

Repeat it all over with the left, and you're done.

I can "seat" my toes into my KSOs in the same way (without hands), but of course, this can cause the upper fabric to fold in a bit, which would require hands (not to mention tightening the velcro).

This is sort of a stupid trick, I know, but kinda fun to pull it off.



  • Never tried or even thought of.

    Classics will try.

    KSO not a chance. Takes all my time with hands.

    Jason with a new trick to try
  • Ah, I wish - I need a pair of classics first.
  • I'm getting there.
  • tried n failed
  • I can do this with my Classics, but with a slight variation.  As the first three toes go in, starting with the big toe, I begin to slide the foot more outward, toward the little toe.  If I just go straight in, the little toe and the next don't hit their pockets.  Sliding them outward helps that, provided I've gotten the bigger toes in first.  Also, with the cinch strap loosened all of the way, I can just slip the heel in without needing assistance from the other foot.  For just walking around, that is how I normally wear them.  I can do this sometimes with the KSOs also, but not if I'm wearing socks.
  • sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. not sure what I do differently. I have issues with my little toes that make it annoying to get them in properly.
  • on 1244135154:

    sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. not sure what I do differently. I have issues with my little toes that make it annoying to get them in properly.

    Me too. My little toes curve inward a bit, but I can usually still manage to get all toes seated in the pockets.  Takes some practice though, that's for sure.
  • Yes, it took a little time but now my toes spread thanks to wearing FF's. I can also get the KSO's on without help except for pulling the back loop up.
  • I can do it, too. Without an elastic on my Classics, the upper material doesn't have anything pushing the material inwards, which might make it an easier trick. I thought that the upper would sag without the elastic but it hasn't.

    I never could have done it a year ago when I first bought my VFFs. Since then, my pinky toes have definitely straightened from being curved inward as well as untwisted. I have more control over moving my toes individually now, too.
  • ok this sounds funny but I did this today for the first timw wihtout thinking and was so elated...I felt so skilled:)
  • No problem with my Smartwools!  ;D
  • I am gonna try once I get back to my room. I normally get my foot all the way in and just use a finger to slip my heel in. The KSOs are gonna be hard but I still want to try.
  • Now that my Classics are over a year old and my toes are alittle more spread and flexible, Classics no problem, KSOs/Bikilas/Komodos no chance.....
  • Update: I worked on it. The smartwools were very easy. However, I can get one KSO on and velcroed with out the use of hands. The second one is way difficult because I cannot seem to get my big toe to stretch out the collar to put my heel in. I am gonna work on it some more and maybe I can get both on with out hands.
  • I sure can AND they still have the cord :)
  • Same here, so easy for me once they're broken in.
  • I didn't know there was any other way than to not use your hands  ;D
  • Zombies!!!  :o
  • YEP the sales man said he had never seen anyone do it without hands before.
  • Not sure about Classics, but KSOs yup... now to try for the SPEEDs ::)
  • on 1298820636:

    I sure can AND they still have the cord :)

    Ditto, smartwool classics no less. :D
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