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So I saw someone wearing some VFF's last november or so. I was very interested in getting a pair but I figured that they wouldn't be allowed with my PT uniform so I held off and got myself a pair of Nike Free's. Unfortunetly I think I bought half a size too small, I have wide feet so Nike's generally do not fit me very well, and my feet hadn't compleatly finished unswelling from when I gave birth last July so I didn't get much use out of them. Recently though I learned that VFF's are allowed in my PT uniform, so I've broken back out the Nike Free's and they are fitting much better. I also went ahead and placed an order for a pair of VFF's. I so can't wait to get them.

I used to spend all my summers as a child 100% barefoot, so I'm really looking forward to this. I'm partly dreading getting used to the VFF's and then having to go back into boots for work every day. And I can't imagine that there would be any sage green minamilist boots out there, that I could actually wear at work...

I'm usually not a good runner, but I got out on the treadmill yesterday and did a light jog for a good 12 minutes with the free's. Which is outstanding for me, I usually can't run for that long of a time without stopping. I'm half tempted to get out again today and run some more.


  • haha. WELCOME!!  :Dhope you enjoy the site like i have. it comes in veerryy useful.
  • Your feet will be FREE of Frees soon!  You will rejoice in praise when you get your new VFF's!  I am excited for you and welcome aboard!  Birthday Shoe land is very informative!  Ask as many questions that you can think of.  Everyone is very responsive and can speak from their experiences.  I have been running and wearing Five Fingers for 2 years and I am still learning things and trying out new ideas.  Especially the ideas Marley comes up with!  Wobble board!

    -Adam C
  • Wobble boards scare me. I shake enough without one I'm not sure if it'd do me good to use one or if it'd just be a disaster waiting to happen. (I have essential tremor, so my arms shake, my neck shakes a little, and my legs shake a little as well, and the shaking is worse after a workout.)

    Yeah, I'm thinking more and more about my run today, and debating about just going to the track and shedding the frees altogether and seeing what a lap or two of barefoot will do.
  • Before I wore Vff's (2 years ago)  I ran in Frees... I will say my experiences with the shoes were never pleasant but I kept trying because I liked the idea.  Thank goodness vibram released the VFF's and now my feet are happy!

  • Welcome!  :)
  • While you're on the treadmill try ditching the shoes.  No worry of stepping on sharp objects and your body will learn a good form in the meantime  :)
  • I would, except the gym requires shoes. I did however get out onto the track and stripped off the shoes and ran two laps. My calves were sore after of course, but it felt good.
  • on 1272432121:

    I would, except the gym requires shoes. I did however get out onto the track and stripped off the shoes and ran two laps. My calves were sore after of course, but it felt good.

    The soreness will go away after a few weeks.  I am glad to hear you didn't do more then 2 laps your first time.  First time I attempted it I ran 2 miles around the track and I couldn't walk for 3 days.  I had the OLD MAN syndrome... HAHA!  Keep stretching!
  • Sweet, I got my shoes today. Went and ran 3/4's of a mile with them on the treadmill (of course it just /had/ to start raining just as I got off work and since I didn't feel like getting soaked the track was out). They fit pretty good. They feel a little looser than I expected, but I think if I'd gotten a size smaller they would have been way too tight.
  • Which VFF did you go with?
  • I went with the grey/palm KSO's. I was torn between the black and either of the greys, but in the end GSS only had the grey/palm in stock in my size so it made my color decision easy. I'm already considering getting a pair of black classics for casual wear... I think I'm addicted. But given the slight looseness of the KSO's and judging from the thread about downsizing classics, I'll probably get one size down in the classics. Though once they make a women's Trek, that may tempt me as well.
  • Great choice in the KSO's!  My first pair were black KSO's and I still have them to this date!  2 years strong!  After that I purchased a pair of Sprints, I was always scared of the Classics for some reason... Don't ask me why... I don't have a real answer.  My collection has grown to 2 Kso's, 2 Sprints, 1 Flow and just recently I picked up a pair of Classics.  Thank goodness I finally got over being scared of them!  They are wonderful!  Only problem is... I got them a bit to small.  I never tried on a pair of classics and I just assumed that they would fit like every other pair of my VFF's.  43 all the way... well REI had them and I didn't try them on in the store (I had my stink pair of KSO's on so I didn't want to put my feet in them).  After getting home I tried them on and they were huge!  I called for a pair of 42's... they were out.  I settled for 41's they are a bit snug but the are stretching.  If I can find a pair of 42's I will certainly buy them!  I wish there was an overabundance of VFF's around... it's a shame you have to wait 3 months to get a new pair.  Rule of thumb try on the classics if you can beforehand, if you can't, order a size down to be on the safe side.

    Pretty soon you will be a full blown VFF addict... oh and don't buy the flows... they are overrated!  :P
  • I figured the KSO's were going to be best for running in England. It's really too bad I wasn't thinking ahead and didn't look around and try some on when I was visiting relatives back in the Boston area in January. But oh well. I'll probably end up ordering the classics without trying them on like I did the KSO's. Just too hard to find any to try on over here.

    When I was done running today, I had a huge smile plastered on my face. First time I've enjoyed running in a long long time. I swear there must be some sort of happy pills eminating from the vff's.
  • I agree with ya!  They seem to inspire me!  I always feel like when I am running around people that wear "REAL SHOES" that I have to prove that I can do anything you can do but BETTER!
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