Greetings from New Zealand

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Hi Everyone,
My name's Erin and I'm a US expat living in New Zealand. I've just gotten back into running after reading Christopher McDougall's "Born to Run." I've got two bad knees, a history of problems with my left foot and was told by my orthopedic surgeon to forget about ever running again. The amazing thing is that simply by changing my gait and switching to a barefoot-style, I can run again! And it doesn't hurt!

My plan is to work down until I am running with a bare minimum shoe. I'll be coming her regularly to ask questions and read what you guys have to say.



  • Where are you living? I returned to the States just over a year ago after living in the Rotorua area. I miss being able to go anywhere- even into grocery stores- barefoot! 
  • I'm living in the South Island. Seeing how people go barefoot everywhere here was quite a shock when I moved to NZ. I'm originally from the south and you don't go into any building barefoot. The Kiwis just may be on to something, eh? :)
  • Maybe it's not as hot in NZ? I can't imagine going barefoot in Texas on hot cement when it's over 100 degrees outside. I don't care much for the smell of burning feet.  ;)
  • It doesn't really get that hot here on the South Island. That said, I've seen New Zealanders barefoot or in jandals (flip-flops) in all kinds of weather. They seem to simply refuse to admit that it's cold!
  • North Island can get pretty hot in the summer. You just walk faster and don't stop in the middle of a tar sealed street is all. Ideal country for Bf'ers!
  • Hey Erin -- welcome to the forums!  Keep us posted on your progress -- it's great to hear you're already back to running w/o pain just by changing your gait.

    Jealous you're down in NZ!  Bet it's a beautiful place to live.
  • It is amazingly beautiful. Sometimes I can't believe I live here. :)
  • Welcome to the site! 

    I go barefoot here in Texas, in the middle of the day in the summer some times.  I just have to add a little quick step to my!  I go into grocery stores, and restaurants barefoot, and haven't had much of an issue yet.  Just some staring...
  • Hi Erin and welcome.  I have a close friend who lives in Timaru. 

    Happy barefooting.
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