I was considering purchasing a pair of Injinji socks for my VFF's. However, my question is, will I even be able to put my VFF's on while wearing the sock? The VFF's fit fairly tight and I'm wondering if it's not even worth it?

Also, anyone ever have lower back pain from running too hard in your VFF's? I've been running in them for 2 months pain free. Then the other day I went 6 and picked up the pace (7:15/3 miles)...and now my back has been sore.




  • You'd be surprised - the fit will indeed be snug, but you can fit the socks in there!  (I was very surprised that I could manage it with my KSOs - I practically need a shoehorn to get them on, but, hey, it worked.)
  • When I went to buy my KSO's I actually brought along a pair of my Injinji's (problems with black toenails, was trying anything to fix). Suprisingly the fit with and without was not very different at all, even tried different sizes but the size 46 fit best with and without. By the way, haven't lost a single toenail since running in my KSO's :-)
  • Wearing Injinji's makes it easier to slide on KSO's at first!  Like FL runner stated there isn't much difference in tightness as the Injinji's tend to be very thin which if I have to wear socks that is my requirement.  I actually do love my pair of Wool ones as well!  They are nice to have in a cold hardwood house in the winter!
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