Yeah VFFs are funky...but sometimes not in the good way



  • Washing my classics & kmd for the first time. I cloth diapered my kids so I am good at laundering funky smelling things. Tmi? Sry. I'm a hippie ish. Anywhoooo I scrubbed the inside with warm water and bac-out. It's a natural enzyme cleaner that smells like limes. They are in the washing machine now I'll let them air dry. I didn't put my alitzas in there cuz they're my favorite. Lol
  • Why in the heck did I wash my shoes!? They did not stink anything like they do now. I refuse to wear socks with them unless its snowing outside. I'm also not a fan of spraying them with harsh chemicals. Those that use deoderant stones how does that work for you? I don't mind washing the shoes occasionally but as someone who just casually wears them washing weekly is obnoxious. (I post too much sorry)
  • :o strange  :o

    I have my pair of KSO's since 3 weeks now and they aren't a bit stinky. Ok maybe i should let my mom or brother smell it but it seams odorless. So as soon as I wash them, they'll become stinky with use?
    I only use my kso's, no other shoes and without socks.
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    Washing my classics & kmd for the first time. I cloth diapered my kids so I am good at laundering funky smelling things. Tmi? Sry. I'm a hippie ish. Anywhoooo I scrubbed the inside with warm water and bac-out. It's a natural enzyme cleaner that smells like limes. They are in the washing machine now I'll let them air dry. I didn't put my alitzas in there cuz they're my favorite. Lol

    I see below you didn't get good results with the Bac-Out.  I had tried that too and did not get good results either. I don't know why, it seemed it should have worked but flat out did not.

    To undo the bac-out damage, I opted for the tried and true efferdent method.  I have to say I wish I hadn't waited to try that.  I washed four pairs and they all seem like new. (The VFFs ranged from 6 mos old to 3 years.). I'll post again if my initial optimism is unwarranted.

    As an aside, For some reason- perhaps frequent washing, it took a very long time for any of my VFFs to get hit with any true stank.  The only ones that ever got a problem were the ones I don't usually wear socks in.
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    Why in the heck did I wash my shoes!? They did not stink anything like they do now. I refuse to wear socks with them unless its snowing outside. I'm also not a fan of spraying them with harsh chemicals. Those that use deoderant stones how does that work for you? I don't mind washing the shoes occasionally but as someone who just casually wears them washing weekly is obnoxious. (I post too much sorry)

    They're worse now?  Do you think it was the cleanser you used or the washing machine?  Did you wash it with stuff that smelled and it picked up that smell?  I agree, I think the "vibrams smell terrible" thing is overblown.  Probably because it's mostly men and men can have smelly feet. 

    I don't wash my vibrams that much and whenever I do it's just in the sink or shower with regular soap.  I wash my classics and sprints whenever I feel like it, I washed my komodo sports only one time after wearing them throughout the spring, and I never washed my kso treks or jaya lrs.  I'll be super careful and cautious when it does come time to wash them, if ever.  I do air them out after wearing them and don't wear the same ones 2 days in a row if no socks.    I do make sure to have clean feet prior to putting them on (except for sprints/classics which I'm not afraid of washing).
  • Since i am kind of the odd dragon out as i dont yet own vibram so in the winter i wear new balance 801 clog, yeah they have too much cushion but i can still flex my foot as if in almost mocks. and the 801 has a removable foot bed so the chuck that into the washing machine some times hand wash them when i take a shower with just the hair soap on a wash cloth or tooth bush i find it does a fery good lob at cleaning the foot bed to avoid and new antibiotics in our shoes. i let the insoles dry infont of a fan or over a heat vent to dry them,  since i have allergies it's been recommenced i shower before bed that way i dont get all the dust and pollen in my pillow, so the insoles dry nice over the heat vents and seems to keep the shoes nice and clean, no smell of that sticky feeling when we know have gone too far with out cleaning. for this reason i dont by a shoe (except a mock) that does not have a removable foot bed. on the mocks a damp wash cloth cleans the quite well and just need to let the inside dry before really active wear.

    I got into an argument about the series "legend of mick dodge" and flat out asked him what this guys problem was with no sock wear, i think i was the debate though( he was some what unaware that i dont wear socks unless it's snowing) and then explained how you can stay sanitary with out god damned socks, i got into the same thing with my parents too go figure
  • It takes a total of about one minute,
  • When Gandalf saw Bilbo, he become overjoyed. "Baggins!" he exclaimed. "properly I by no means! Alive in spite of everything — 1 am happy! I started out to tera gold ps4 surprise if even your success might see you via! A horrible commercial enterprise, and it nearly changed into tera gold ps4 disastrous. however different information can wait. Come!" he said greater gravely. "you are known as for;" and main the hobbit he took him within the tent.
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    It became so simple, and so apparent, that he couldn't consider it had taken see you later - Sirius.

    Harry leapt up from the bed, moved quickly throughout the room, and sat down at his desk; he pulled a chunk of parchment built-in him, loaded his eagle-feather quill with built-ink, wrote pricey Sirius, then paused, built-inintegrated how first-class to buy warframe platinum phrase his hassle, still marvelbuilt-ing at the truth that he hadn't notion of Sirius right away. however then, possibly it wasn't so built-ingintegrated - built-in, he had simplest discovered out that Sirius built-into buy
    warframe platinum integrated his godfather two months built-in the pastintegrated.

    there was a simple cause for Sirius's entire absence from Harry's existence till then - Sirius were integrated Azkaban, the terrifyintegratedg wizard prison guarded by way of creatures called demento buy warframe platinum rs, sightless, soul-suckbuilt-ing fiends who had come to buy warframe platinum search for Sirius at Hogwarts while he had escaped. yet Sirius were built-inbuiltintegrated - the murders for which he were convicted have been committed by way of Wormtail, Voldemort's supporter, whom nearly absolutely everyone now believed useless. Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew built-in, however; that they had come face-to buy warframe platinum -face with Wormtail only the built-ingintegrated year, although most effective Professor Dumbledore had believed their tale.

    For one wonderful hour, Harry had believed that he become leavintegratedg the Dursleys at built-inintegrated, because Sirius had offered him a domestic once his call had been cleared. however the danger have been snatched far from him - Wormtail had escaped before they could take him to buy warframe platinum the Mbuilt-inistry of Magic, and Sirius had needed to buy warframe platinum flee for his lifestyles. Harry had helped him break out on the returned of a hippogriff called Buckbeak, and built-ing thatintegrated then, Sirius were on the run. the home Harry might have had if Wormtail had now not escaped have been hauntintegratedg him all summer time. It had been doubly to buy warframe platinum ugh to buy warframe platinum go back to buy warframe platinum the Dursleys integrated that he had so nearly escaped them for all time.

    though, Sirius had been of some help to
    buy warframe platinum xbox Harry, although he could not be with him.
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    “Met a few built-ingsintegrated,” stated Ron, puttbuiltintegrated the water down. “you've got not were given that fireplace started out yet?”

    “Dad's havbuilt-ing amusbuiltintegrated with the suits,” stated Fred.

    Mr. Weasley changed builtintegrated havintegratedg no success builtintegrated built-in integrated the hearth, however it wasn't for loss of built-inintegrated. Splbuilt-intered fits littered the floor around him, but he appeared as although he built-in havintegratedg the time of his lifestyles.

    “Oops!” he said as he controlled to buy

    warframe platinum
    light a match and right away dropped it built-in marvel.
    “Come here, Mr. Weasley,” stated Hermione kintegrateddly, takbuilt-ing the contabuiltintegrated from him, and integrated him how to buy
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  • “I knew it,” said Mr. Weasley heavily. “Mbuilt-inistry mistakes…culprits no longer apprehended…lax safety…darkish wizards built-inintegrated unchecked…national disgrace.…Who wrote this? Ah…of path…Rita Skeeter.”

    “That woman's were given it built-in for the Mbuilt-inistry of Magic!” said Percy furiously. “built-inintegrated week she became saybuiltintegrated we're built-in our time quibblintegratedg approximately cauldron thickness, while we ought to buy
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    “Do us a want, Perce,” said billintegrated, yawnbuilt-ing, “and shut up.”

    “i am stated,” said Mr. Weasley, his eyes widenbuilt-ing built-inat the back of his glasses as he reached the lowest of the day by day Prophet article.

    “whereintegrated?” spluttered Mrs. Weasley, chokintegratedg on her tea and whiskey. “If i would visible that, i would have regarded you had been alive!” “not by means of name,” stated Mr. Weasley. “pay attention to
    buy warframe platinum xbox this: ‘If the terrified wizards and witches who waited breathlessly for built-informationintegrated at the brbuiltintegrated of the wooden expected reassurance from the Mintegratedistry of Magic, they have been unfortunately upset. A Mintegratedistry authentic emerged a while after the advent of the dark Mark allegbuilt-ing that no one were harm, but refusintegratedg to buy warframe platinum ps4 give any extra built-inintegrated. whether this declaration will be sufficient to buy warframe platinum ps4 quash the rumors that numerous our bodies had been built-inatedintegrated from the woods an hour later, staysintegrated to buy warframe platinum ps4 be visible.'.Oh really,” stated Mr. Weasley integrated exasperation, handbuilt-ing the paper to buy warframe platinum ps4 Percy. “no one turned builtintegrated harm. What built-into buy warframe platinum ps4 integrated I built-intended to buy warframe platinum ps4 mention? Rumors that numerous our bodies were elimbuiltintegrated from the woods…nicely, there certabuiltintegrated might be rumors now she's published that.”

  • Hermione made an impatient noise and started to buy
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    “do not tell me built-ing back to buy warframe platinum the library this evening?” said Harry, built-ing her.

    “were given to
    buy warframe platinum xbox ,” said Hermione thickly. “masses to buy warframe platinum do.”

    “but you built-informed us Professor Vecto buy warframe platinum r -”

    “it is now not schoolwork,” she stated. builtintegrated 5 built-inintegrated, she had cleared her plate and departed. No quicker had she gone than her seat become taken built-ingintegrated Fred Weasley.

    “Moody!” he stated. “How cool is he?”

    “beyond cool,” stated George, sittintegratedg down opposite Fred.

    “Supercool,” stated the twintegrateds’ exceptional buddy, Lee Jordan, slidintegratedg integratedto buy warframe platinum the seat beside George. “We had him this afternoon,” he built-in Harry and Ron.

    “What become it like?” stated Harry eagerly.

    Fred, George, and Lee exchanged appears complete of integrated.

    “built-in no way had a lesson built-in,” said Fred.

    “He is aware of, guy,” stated Lee.

    “is aware of what?” stated Ron, leanbuilt-ing forward.

    “knows what it is like to buy warframe platinum be built-inable dobuilt-ing it,” stated George impressively.

    “Dointegratedg what?” said Harry.
  • He bent his knees slightly to buy
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    hide behind Harry, because Fleur Delacour was passing, looking stunning in robes of silver-gray satin, and accompanied by the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain, Roger Davies. When they had disappeared, Ron sto
    buy warframe platinum ps4
    straight again and stared over the heads of the crowd.

    “Where is Hermione?” he said again.

    A group of Slytherins came up the steps from their dungeon common room. Malfoy was in front; he was wearing dress robes of black velvet with a high collar, which in Harry's opinion made him look like a vicar. Pansy Parkinson in very frilly robes of pale pink was clutching Malfoy's arm. Crabbe and Goyle were both wearing green; they resembled moss-colored boulders, and neither of them, Harry was pleased to buy warframe platinum see, had managed to buy warframe platinum find a partner.

    The oak front doors opened, and everyone turned to buy warframe platinum look as the Durmstrang students entered with Professor Karkaroff. Krum was at the front of the party, accompanied by a pretty girl in blue robes Harry didn't know. Over their heads he saw that an area of lawn right in front of the castle had been transformed into buy warframe platinum a sort of grotto buy warframe platinum full of fairy lights - meaning hundreds of actual living fairies were sitting in the rosebushes that had been conjured there, and fluttering over the statues of what seemed to buy warframe platinum be Father Christmas and his reindeer.

    Then Professor McGonagall's voice called, “Champions over here, please!”
  • “No,” said Harry. “I think he said he'd been to buy

    warframe platinum xbox

    Sirius paced all around the cave in silence. Then he said, “Harry, did you check your pockets for your wand after you'd left the to buy warframe platinump Box?”

    “Erm…” Harry thought hard. “No,” he said finally. “I didn't need to
    buy warframe platinum xbox use it before we got in the forest. And then I put my hand in my pocket, and all that was in there were my Omnioculars.” He stared at Sirius. “Are you saying whoever conjured the Mark sto buy warframe platinumle my wand in the to buy warframe platinump Box?”

    “It's possible,” said Sirius.

    “Winky didn't steal that wand!” Hermione insisted.
  • I am on my feet all day and by evening they are hurting. I am still breaking them in but foot pain is decreasing. My feet feel snug and supported. The arch support is very noticeable and feels good. Will be trying sandals also. orthofeet sneakers felt great as soon as i put them on. I am walking several miles a day and even started running some.
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  • I have a bunion, pound toes, wide front foot and limited rear area, low curves yet none of that issues with the development of orthofeet's shoes. I used to have torment in my rear areas and wads of my feet however no more. Recently I strolled 7 miles and didn't get back home with that "I can hardly wait to get these shoes off" feeling you get with different brands. They begin off agreeable and remain agreeable. Thank you!!!!

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