How this works (READ THIS FIRST!)

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desaulniers had this great idea to prompt members to complete a little questionnaire about who they are.

Here are the questions:

1. What styles VFFs do you currently have?  Want?
2. How did you first hear about VFFs?
3. How long have you had your VFFs?
4. What do you enjoy doing in your VFFs?
5. Do you have any funny stories about people seeing you in them?
6. Have you ever spurred anyone else to get VFFs?
7. What is your job, and will they let you wear VFFs to work?
8. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
9. How'd you hear about

Option: Post a photo so we can put a face to a name!

Copy these questions and paste them into a "new topic" in this board.  Title the topic with your member name.

For photo posting, check out the free image hosting service at (no sign up required).


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