Bikila: Squeaky When Wet!

Hey all! Received my Bikila's yesterday. Here's my thoughts:

1. Size: I have 42s in KSO and Treks, both with a little wiggle room. I ordered 42 Bikila. VERY tight fit over my tall arch, but once they're on, I love the closeness.

2. I held them up to my other shoes, and Bikila's are DEFINITELY shorter heel-to-toe than KSO or Trek. I think that's why so many people are having trouble fitting into them. Luckily, as I said, my other shoes had a little extra room, so my Bikila's are not too short.

3. Running: I did 4 miles today (my standard). The big-toe blisters I've been dealing with from my KSOs were treated very gently, and I had no hot spots!

4. The grass was wet this morning, and about halfway through my run I ran through a park. When I got back on the pavement, I noticed a squeaking! My wet foot created a squeak as the heel flexed against the footbed.  :o Luckily, I was alone, so there was no one to make fun of my noisy footwear. Maybe after the fabric breaks in a bit this won't be an issue (I hope).

So, other than the noise and tight fit, I love the Bikila's.
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