Is it supposed to be very tight or is it just me?

I went to a local store today and tried on some M40 Bikilas and they seemed very very tight when I'm standing my toes barely don't touch the tip but when i bend/flex it, it touches it and its kinda uncomfortable is it supposed to be like this? I also tried on M41's and they seemed a little bit better I could stick my index finger in the back  when i stand up and when I bend/flex my feet it touches the tip but not in an uncomfortable way. Is it supposed to very tight so it can stretch out or is it just supposed to fit? I ordered some M41 KSO's online and probably will be getting them Monday. I really wanted the M40 Red/Grey Bikilas but they only had M40's and not M41's and it seemed to me that M41's feel better. They only had M41's in the Grey/Palm Bikilas.  :-\

P.S. I normally wear size 9.5 Van's Classics. Is M41 for a 9.5 size feet? I never had running shoes only sneakers :x


  • can't really tell what size you'd need without actual measurements. I'm wearing m40 Bik's right now and I usualy wear a 9.5-10, depending on shoe.

    They do fit tight. My toes were a bit sore the other day when I first got them, but after a few days, they're settiling in some. Flexing my toes upward gets uncomfortable and very tight, but that's about it.

    When I put them on, I have some difficulty getting the front part of the opening to sit flat (it curls under slightly) and it is difficult to get a finger under the fabric to pull it flat.

    The M41 KSOs will likely fit just fine. They're not nearly as tight as the Bik's.
  • Yeah I'm usually a 9 or 9.5 I measured my feet and I was 10 1/4 inches. Which is a size 40 but it me it seemed really tight. Idk I'm a total noob when it comes to VFF's as I never had any. When I get these M41 KSO's on Monday I'll have to run in them for awhile to see if they fit good and not stretch out to be too big.
  • Same thing happened with me and i just wore them and eventually they stretched and are perfect for my feet. I also wear a M40. I got a different pait today in a M41 and they seem to be a good fit but i'm kinda ify about them because they prob will stretch.

    My advice is to wear them as much as possible and i'm not talking about wearing them in the house. Try to be active in them and they will mos def stretch. Mine stretched after i ran an 8k.

    Im a newbie at The Five Fingers too so like Reading Rainbow...
    "You don't have to take my word for it..DAH DUN DUN"  ;D

    Oh crap sorry i thought you bought the M40's... I guess take my advice if you do end up buying M40's

    p.s.(i wear men's 9 in Vans Authentics)
  • Haha I heard if you wash it then put it in the drier it shrinks it. So I guess I can do that when it does stretch out.
  • My opinion in this is.... I would rather take a chance with slightly larger FFs and I can always fill in the space with socks if need be.  Too tight, and I think you are asking for trouble.  Also, when you find a pair that fits like a glove, then buy a second pair right away....  :)
  • i agree with the fitting like a glove and getting them but after three years in these shoes i have found that a slightly tight vff is better than a slightly loose one on initial fit.  the reason is that every model i have ever owned has stretched and fit my foot after some wear.  the bikila was by far the tightest but is not the best fitting one i've got.  i personally like mine to barely tough the tips of my toes for the reason that they are better suited to mimmic the movements of my foot than if they were loose.  also running in a loose vff can be a recipe for blisters as your foot slides around in the shoe causing friction.  some are the opposite of me as it would be in everything in life but i've had much better results with the ones that feel a little tight at first. 

    xhift i would also caution that you have never worn anything like this before so what may feel tight could be absolutely perfect, but you've never felt it before so you dont know.  these bad boys have a trial period with vibram and most stores so i say if the tight ones are not crazy uncomfortable then give them some testing time. 
  • I will give these VFF's a good run and see if they get any bigger and won't fit my foot. In the Bikilas the 41's were tight and I think about 1.5 mm away from the tip just standing but when I bend my toe or flex or what ever you guys call it my toes would touch the tip's and I thought that felt perfect. In the M40's the toes would be pretty much touching already and when I bend it, it feels like I'm cutting off circulation on the upper portion of my feet where all the veins are. My toes would also be a very very very tight touching the tip almost being scrunched up. I guess we'll have to find out when I get my KSO's. Also does Vibram or any other stores take this in if I decide the M41's are big after awhile? Such as a week's worth of running perhaps? I will only run with them in the Gym on a treadmill. I'm 17 and I love running barefoot and hopefully I can get this VFF problem solved with this confusing sizing stuff.  :P

    Also I was wondering should the VFF's be tight enough to where you can stick your index finger in the back of the shoe or not? On the 40's It was a very very tight fit to put my index finger in almost barely. On the 41's I can fit it in and its tight still.
  • if we're talking bikila i would say you dont want that much room in the heel.  in the kso, classic, trek, or sprint you can get away with it because the straps all go around the heel.  if when your feet are flat, your toes are allowed to be completely straight in the toe pockets then the fit should be fine.  forget all the flexion stuff as that will get better with wear but if your toes are scrunched or bent in the pockets while standing then you need a bigger size.  all the focus needs to be on the the fit of the shoe from heel to toe.  forget the uppers as they will stretch and adapt.  it may be uncomfortable for a bit but it will happen. 
  • On the M40's my toes were not scrunched up while standing :\

    Are you supposed to be able to fit an index finger inside if your VFF's in the back? Or is it supposed to be so tight you can barely put a finger in?
  • i prefer to not have a fingers width anywhere in my vffs.  it's not like back in the day when the shoe guy had you stand up and they pressed down on the front of the shoe to make sure you had room, checked heel for slip, and then asked you how they felt.  the term foot glove is often used because that's how these should feel.  you dont want a fingers width at the end of your gloves do you? 
  • I always go for tighter ones; they stretch and mold to your feet.  looser ones get looser and looser, and become only wearable with socks. being able to fit a finger in for me is too loose
  • An M40 seems small to me for a size 9.5.

    My feet are 7.5 - 8 and I wear M40s.  My feet are also EE width.  I once tried a W39 KSO and couldn't even get my foot in.  The M40 is a little loose, but I run fine in it.

  • i thought my bikilas (m40) was way too tight compared to the kso which i also have in the same size.  but i've run 4 times in them & they seem to stretch out,my last run they were very comfortable felt snug & just right.  i think a lot of people run into this problem & my guess it's because the front of the bikilas especially the toes were designed to be stiffer than the kso, i just can't flex my toes as much especially upwards. i also think that the clear pieces of plastic on top of each toe might contribute to the overall tighter feel.  i personally like a tighter fit for both versions as i think a loose fit would result in blisters from sweat & friction, they are after all gloves for your feet.
  • love that last comment.  they are supposed to be a glove.  the phrase "fits like a glove" means something more than just the thought of having gloves on your hands.  gloves are supposed to be like a second skin so they dont inhibit you from doing stuff.  same here...these shoes should fit like a glove...a nice tight rubber glove! 
  • I got my bikilas in this week and the first time i put them on it was super tight. Not lengthwise but just above the knucles of my toes.. which reminded me of the first time i put a pair of VFF's on (black ksos). They were so tight that when i took them off, the shape of the plastic toes guards were indented on my toes. So like mavch15738 mentioned they do contribute to the tightness.

    That being said i wore them around the house for a couple of days and they seemed to stretch out. I wore them to work today and they fit perfect now...."like a glove".
    I'd go for the tighter pair
  • My first pair just arrived today.  I measured, re-measured, and measured again and ordered the size indicated but when I tried them on they felt really tight (rectrictive) just on the pinkie toe of my left foot.  I have been debating on returning them but dont really want to wait another three weeks for replacements.  From what I gather from reading this forum they wil stretch so I guess I will go ahead and remove the tags and venture outside. 
  • if it's just restricting one toe do not send them back.  let your foot and shoe adapt a little and see how it goes before you do something like that
  • on 1280208143:

    if it's just restricting one toe do not send them back.  let your foot and shoe adapt a little and see how it goes before you do something like that

    Thats what I decided to do.  I wore them around the hooch with Injinji's for a couple days to loosen them up a little and it really helped.  This morning I took them on a test run (without the socks) and had a blast.  Having read the warnings I kept it to 1.5 miles even though I really wasnt ready to bring it in.  Calves are slightly tight but not too bad at all.  I'm currenty fighting the urge to do 2 tomorrow AM.  Either way, I'm sold.
  • I heard if you wash it then put it in the drier it shrinks it. Maybe wo have just not to wash the terrible! ???
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