Yellow Toe Nails?...

Anyone out there experiencing nail yellowing from prolonged wear of VFF's? I'm in FL and it's pretty hot and humid here- so my guess is it's the moisture in the shoe, anyone out there have recommendations on how to avoid or get rid of this? ???


  • I live in florida as well and mainly run trails near swampy areas and my toe nails are nice and clear like intended your problem may be due to a fungus. so i suggest washing your VFFS very good inside the toe pockets with a rag and you spend extra time bathing your feet and toes.
  • i used to always have similar problems having lived in the tropical climates of asia, hawaii, and even a stint in jacksonville beach, florida. you can spend a lot of money buying off the shelf topical ointments and even get prescription pills to stave off the problem only to see it return. as the years progressed the problem got worse and worse and before i knew it (decades actually) it had pretty much affected (infected) every toe and toenail on my feet. bacteria had infected the nail beds and the nails were thick and deformed. then about 10 years ago i figured out an old world solution for the problem and ever now all my nails a clear and healthy.

    there's a very simple solution for yellowing nails due to constant exposure to moisture and bacterial (yeast) infections... acetic acid a.k.a. vinegar.

    depending on the severity of the condition, it may take months to notice the cure taking effect and years before the problem is resolved. basically it takes as long as it does for the nail to grow out. any lapses in treatments will only delay the outcome.

    quick and easy... keep a spay bottle of white vinegar in the bathroom (mine is always in or near the shower) or wherever convenient... even out on the porch. spray both feet top and bottom massaging the nail bed and try to get it under the nails. do this morning and night, it should become a habit. if you miss one treatment don't worry... if you miss a few, well, just keep slugging along. before long it should be totally gone and you will still be spraying with vinegar (at least in the mornings like i do) just because you don't want it to turn up again.

    good luck!
  • thanks! :) placing the spray bottle with vinegar and nailbrush in the shower now
  • Not Yellow......but not Black either!!  I used to always get black (dead) toe nails with Running shoes.....was out today for 16km and no broken/black toes my old shoes surely this distance would have wrecked my toes....All my nails have now recovered to their old form from before a few of them were peeled off.....Another benefit of VFF's I guess!!
  • Will vingear clean up other fungus? I have always had horrible feet (can peel big chunks of skin off sometimes they bleed too) and I have always had a "play through the pain" and "I'm a guy my feet shouldn't look nice" attitude. But I not sure if it is just callouses or a fungus, if vinegar works that would be an easy way to test the fungus theory :)
  • yes, actually... by changing the skin's ph levels it makes you a less hospitable host for invasion.
  • I've heard of mixing vinegar and antiseptic mouth wash 50/50 and applying it to the nail beds every day with a cotton ball. It is supposed to take 6 months to make a difference.
  • Vicks Vapo-Rub, not vinegar.  Trim back nail as far as you can, apply twice a day.  Still takes six months.
  • Usually fungus is only a problem with the nails on the big toes, and once it's well established it can be a real problem to cure. I asked my doc during a regular exam, and he said there's an effective oral medication, but it ends up costing about four grand* and  puts a real strain on your liver! Podiatrist's bid was $300 cash to permanently remove each toenail (killing the root so they wouldn't come back). I had 'em both done and I couldn't be happier.

    *My insurance would have covered most of the cost, but I wouldn't burn that much of someone else's money for icky toenails. Yikes. Clearly, though, a lot of people would. Healthcare economics.  ::)
  • 1st rule of thumb... never put anything on your skin you wouldn't put into your mouth. petroleum jelly is a poison, slick!
    2nd rule of index finger... never put anything in your mouth you don't plan on ingesting. besides vinegar alone works, mouthwash alone wouldn't.
    3rd rule of middle finger... ever notice that insurance and big pharmaceuticals wouldn't support a cure unless it creates a bigger problem which they could treat for?
  • on 1276621224:

    ever notice that insurance and big pharmaceuticals wouldn't support a cure unless it creates a bigger problem which they could treat for?

    Yea my diagnosis of GERD really made things tough... a pill a day and no heartburn... didn't really make things more complicated. Or when they covered me having my gallbladder out, which pretty much made me go from being sick at least 50% of the time to within a year feeling pretty great... I love when anti-capitalists start talking out of their @**... why don't you go get a job with Apple and gtfo.
  • Easy now, folks.  Let's not let this turn into a health care debate, 'k?

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