Noobie from Iowa

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Just saying hello to the community, I'm new from Iowa. Havent purchased any fivefingers yet because I want the bikilas and I have discovered they are nearly impossible to find at the moment. Any advice/tips or where to buy is appreciated.

On a side note I'm not a runner and probably wont be, I just want these shoes because they are unique and I read they are healthier for your feet/legs so I will probably just be using them as an everyday shoe except for when I'm at work(may even wear them to work on a casual day.)


  • I'm in the Midwest and I've purchased two pairs of VFFs (KSOs and Bikilas) through Sheels. Do a search on the official Vibram site; there should be a couple of Sheels locations in Iowa. I purchased one pair at a Sheels store, and the Bikilas I had ordered through them at their Nevada location (the local Sheels was sold out). Glad to have you aboard! Enjoy them! :)
  • Yea I checked out scheels over the weekend and they didnt have any, I didnt ask a sales associate about them though as I didnt really have time to chit chat with them. Thanks for the info though.
  • Email alerts from this site, or become a friend of City Sports on Facebook, they send out updates when they restock, but you have to get em quick!
  • Welcome! :)
  • Thanks for the help, I think I may have found a store near me that sells and has them in stock.
  • I just sent for a pair of Grey/Green ones, I really wanted the red, but none were in stock and I didnt want to take a chance on the Green ones selling out and having to wait even longer. Once I get them I will let you know what I think of them.
  • I thought the shoes I received were too snug so luckily I found rock creek was selling red/grey ones in a size up so I sent the green pair back and I'm waiting for the new ones to arrive tomorrow.
  • The new size feels perfect. The shoes feel awesome I cant wait to put them to good use.
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