Hello from the Panhandle of FL

I wanted to take my turn in saying hello and let everyone know I'm downing the Kool-Aid in huge gulps! :-)

I just picked my first pair yesterday and went with the KSO, I've already have done my first (short!) run and all the comments did prepare me for what my calves would experience. I'm very excited to starting using my VFF's on my short recover runs then eventually for my tempo, speed and long runs. Ultimate goal is to be able to wear my KSO's once I get to Boston, big goal I know, but never been one not to challenge myself.

I had to relate my experience at the store, what a joy. Salesperson turned out to be store owner who owns (and frequently uses) several pairs. He uses for kayaking, running, hiking and all around use. It was a nice comfort to be able to discuss the VFF's with somebody with plenty of experience. Something else that he shared, which I found very interesting, he is having difficulty keeping them on the shelves! As it turns out one of his biggest customers is local military folks, if you’re not familiar with the area around Pensacola, FL we do have a lot military here, particularly the Special Ops, Navy Seal types who absolutely love their VFFs. For me, professionals whose lives quite often depend on their equipment, there is no better endorsement.

Can't wait to share how my transition progresses and picking up tips from all the other postings.

“I just felt like running.” - Forrest



  • Welcome to the board, fellow Floridian. I'm glad to hear your local store has such a friendly and knowledgeable staff. My local store is quite friendly and the VFFs fly off the shelves there as well, but none of the employees I've ever dealt with seem to have ever even tried a pair on. They never try to dissuade me, but if you had to imagine from the shoes on their feet what they'd be more comfortable selling, it certainly would involve a lot of sole and laces.
  • Welcome FL Runner. I wanted to second your statement about VFFs being popular among certain circles of the military community. Here in Bragg more than a few of the "high speed" types can be seen in them.
  • Welcome to the forums!

    Glad you're enjoying your KSOs.  And that's a cool anecdote about military adoption of VFFs -- I know I've seen some photos of people in Iraq wearing VFFs (though have yet to have any submissions to the site!).  

    It's telling that shoe store owners are adopting VFFs, themselves.  Just a sign of the growth potential of VFFs :) But then again, perhaps I'm biased in their favor!
  • Great intro post, FL Runner. Welcome to the forums!

  • Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I plan to participate frequently and actually post a weekly summary of my transition rather than bore everyone with my excitement after each run  ;D
  • No, no, post the daily run reports! Not boring! Never boring!

    (After all, everyone here is really kind about putting up with my run posts!)

  • Hey also panhandle. really want some KSO's i just wanted to hear some feedback on thenm because Its the closet thing to barefoot as far as ive heard cause the work would get angry if i came in without shoes
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