totally barefoot

Opened my naked feet mileage today with my first ever naked feet run, have done several 5k's in the kso's but never gone totally bare. Did 3 miles all together round a park mix of grass gravel and earth/forest. Took a friend who has never run barefoot either, we past another runner in foot coffins asked wheres your shoes, we politley told her barefoot is the way to go and it was part of our training. Anyway feet feel fine apart from a blister on each a 10p sized one on the bottom of the left foot and a slightly smaller one on the right hand edge of the right foot so guess form still needs work.


  • Might need to toughen up the feet as well.  Running barefoot is more about realizing how far is too far and stopping before the blisters form.  I have the same problem as I try and push past the pain and keep moving.  There is a sensation that usually is an indicator it is time to stop and that is a burning sensation in the feet.  Once the feet start to feel hot it is probably time to put on shoes and head home.
  • We have decided that once these blisters settle down then our next run will be all on tarmac around a route we know better and know its distance
  • Opened up my "totally" barefoot account last week with a mile. I was well chuffed.

    Lost nothing in the pace either. Bonus!


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