Ran on a treadmill barefoot and got blisters! Solutions?

I wasn't ready to run outside barefoot, so I barefoot on the treadmill in preparation for getting my bikila's, and it didn't work so well. Btw where's the thread about how to transition into barefoot/minimalist running? I haven't ran in awhile long distance wise, but when I tried running barefoot on the treadmill for 5 minutes at 6 mph, it felt amazing. I immediately became a forefoot striker and it was great, so I decided to go 15 minutes at same pace. Bad idea. My calves felt sore which is normal although the region where your the bottom of your bottom part of your shin meets the top of your foot was kind of painful but I pushed on. Is that what you call a shin splint because I never understood that concept. Anyway, run went fine except the bottom of my feet got messed up pretty bad. The bottom of my feet were black as expected although I did notice that only the outer part of my feet were blackened but not the inside part. Does that mean I am neutral, over pronate, or under pronate. What are the types of feet? There are flat feet but I don't know what therest of the feet types are called. Anyway the main problem are the blisters. The majority of the impact my feet took was the area under my big toe. And boy did that blister swell up. Another point of interest were my toes. My big toe developed a swelling blister beneath it. There were slight calluses or blisters on the tops but my pinky toes on the outside had the most sever blisters. The underside of my pinky toe on my right foot became black, which I assume it absorbed the black color from the treadmill. I tried washin it out but it remained black which i'm a little concerned. Will pumice work? What kind of material do treadmills have that causes your feet to have a black powder or residue after running? Next time I think I'll run with socks on or maybe just wait for my bikila's to come in. 
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