New Classics seam bothering my big toe.. any mods? help :)

Hey everyone,  I'm just got my fivefingers. I'm breaking them and i'm finding the Big Toe seam on the right foot is bothering my toe. I'm getting a bit of a blister. Does anyone know of any mods that would fix this? Do the vibrams stretch a bit with wear or not really? Lookin for some help from some vibram veterans.

I was thinking of putting some moleskin in there to smooth out the seam just under the toenail. Its just on one side, its soo annoying! I checked the other seam on the left foot and it lays flat and doesnt bother me. The right one just seems to be sticking straight out.

Just so you know, I tried the larger size already-  I'm at the largest female size (10) and when I switched to mens 9 the length was great but the width meant both my pinky and ring toe fit into one pocket.. :/

Thanks again folks.


  • I'm also having this problem.  it feels as though the big toe's nail is catching on the seam... and it's annoying.  I hope it smoothes itself out.
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