New to VFF

I am new to this barefoot idea.  Before VFFs I wore shoes up until I went to bed.  I bought some size 41 KSO treks a few weeks ago.  I measured my foot at 10.5 and after having these on for about an hour my feet were numb and my toes did feel crammed.  After wearing them I did notice that my two toes next to the big toe are the largest.  Bad measuring on my part since I was measuring to my big toe.  Anyway, I returned them and got a size 42 and my feet don't go numb anymore. 

For me just having these shoes on and doing normal activities, even just sitting around in them at work, the shoes seem to be giving my toes a work out.  I am not sure if it is the toe separation or what.  I have noticed the balls of my feet are tender while walking.  I believe my right foot is weaker than my left foot.  In my right foot I notice my achilles gets sore.  I notice my quads being worked and even my hips, calves, shins.  Most of the soreness or feeling of being worked comes from the right foot and leg.  Also both pinky toes are saying to me, "what is this that you are doing to me?!" :)  The most I wear these is 4 hours a day so far.  I have been wearing these shoes for almost 2 weeks now.  They do seem to be getting more comfortable the more I wear them.  Also to me it seems like my feet get more of a work out wearing these shoes than sitting around and walking around the house barefoot.  I am not sure if that is because the toes are raised and separated while in the VFF.

Just wondering if anyone else experienced similar.  I have a feeling my feet are going to take quite some time to get used to this.  I read all the guides and information about taking it slow and that is for sure what I am doing.  I have not even taken and official walk in these things yet.  Normally when I go hiking I use an air cast for ankle support from my multiple ankle sprains I have had in the past.  I plan on waiting until I can wear these for 8 hours at one time before I go on an official walk with them.  Any information would be appreciated.


  • I also would consider myself a newbie to wearing VFF's. I got a pair of sprints about a month ago and still have very tender feet after short 3 mile runs. I'd say you're doing it correctly, not overwhelming your feet by wearing them too much. Good luck on the transition!
  • welcome! 

    yah, transitioning to them can be slow and sometimes painful... so just take your time and listen to your body.
  • Yep, you seem to show all the classic signs of transition ;) It usually takes a few months to fully adapt, so patience is a virtue.
    Most importantly, have fun!

    Hiking... quite a lot of the blog entries involve hiking experiences, for any answer you'll probably need to ask a specific question.
  • Thanks for the reply.  Just mainly wanting to know if what I am experiencing sounds normal.
  • honestly, 'normal' can vary a lot from person-to-person.

    some people have a very easy transition and can run in them right out of the box... some people take a lot longer.  but don't worry, your feet/legs will adapt. 
  • My Treks have proven to be wonderful for hiking. At first I didn't use them for the entire hike, just added a few miles at a time. Now I've done 12 mile hikes on rocky, rooty, boulder strewn trails and they perform beautifully. They are also my trail running shoes, so I had a couple months of running in them prior to my first hike in them. I think the key is to transition slowly adding 1 mile at a time to your distance in them. It sounds as though you are patiently breaking them in, so stay with that program
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