Issues running barefoot in big races?

I am considering running a 21km race barefoot. I have run 10km+ barefoot many times, a marathon in VFF so calves are not a problem. But I worry about water etc on the ground. Last race there were about 50 000 people running this race and at the drinking stations there were pools of water and sweet sticky sport drinks. My KSO were like sponges :(

I worry about running barefoot with all the sticky sport drinking water. I also worry about all the crowding and having to look forward not downward, maybe you miss some pavement and get a bleeding big toe which would make the race less fun :(

Tell me your experiences about running barefoot in big races!


  • I'd be worried about people stepping on my feet.  :o
  • I personally would be very weary of running completely barefoot with more than a handful of people within one or two arm lengths away.  It's just too hard, at least for me, to focus on not stepping on something bad and worry about people around me.  In my half marathon a while back I had people clipping my heels in the beginning few miles before things thinned out.
  • And running with people right ahead of me I find I can't see the rocks etc in time to avoid them nicely
  • I say give it a try.
  • Are you running competitively or for fun at the race? You could carry your KSOs in your waist band and put them on if it is too nasty on the road. Of course you would lose time doing that.

  • I'm not that serious with my running, last year I had starting number 40000ish and finnished at around 1.50, the heat was crazy(tons of ambulances) making everyone else run slow so I was a bit dissapointed with my time. Next year I am aiming for 1.40 ish time but finnishing barefoot seems like a much cooler goal. Maybe I can combine these goals, when I run barefoot I tend to run a bit slower but get less exhausted, maybe I can keep a higher pace if I push myself.

    I will have some support around the race so I could give them a few pairs of VFF and stop where they are and put it on if needed. I am used to running with a pair of shoes in my hands, but it looks much more cool if people can see that you really run barefoot the entrie race, not just when they happen to see me.  ;D

    I will try to run on the track a few times to get my brain to remember where not to step. Maybe it's a good idea to get a few friend to run close to me when training barefoot to get used to the crowding.

    Maybe people will see my bare feet and run more careful around me? :P

    Anyone with experiences? Brainstorm what could go wrong!
  • And running with people right ahead of me I find I can't see the rocks etc in time to avoid them nicely.
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  • I’m actually planning to do something very similar since one of my friends convinced me to do so, so I’d also greatly appreciate any advice that anyone has on this topic!
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