KSO one logo and two logos sizing difference

I happened to receive two pairs of KSO blacks one had one logo and one had two logos around the big toe area.
I found two logo version is significantly larger almost same as the gray KSO's, one logo version is snugger.
so not all black KSO's are smaller.


  • Two logos?  That's a bit weird.
  • I'd have to second that.  I had a 2 logo pair that the big toe seam started falling apart.  I sent them back to Vibram and got a replacement pair with 1 logo.  The mesh on top is definitely tighter on the one logo pair (which is better because I've got narrow skinny feet).  Only gripe about this pair is whoever put them together slopped glue all over the place between the toes.  I've been kinda picking at it, but I'm afraid of picking the fabric apart
  • on 1286365645:

    Two logos?  That's a bit weird.

    I one on each side.
  • i thought i remember reading somewhere that the older batch of vff's had one logo, and the newer ones will have two logo's... personally, i'd be happier to get the older one-logo versions, cuz the newer batch of vff's seem to be more prone to mfg. defects.
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