Hi from Kansas!

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I'm a totally new to VFFs and this board.  I saw them a while back but never ordered any.  My two boys (2 & 4) go barefoot or in barefoot-style shoes all the time.  I finally decided that it really would be best for me, too.  I'm not a runner (please don't kick me out!!) but I do a lot of walking and hiking.  The reason I don't run is because it has always hurt my knees- really hoping VFFs would do away with that.  My husband does do more running and is hoping to try VFFs soon, too. 

Thanks, everyone, for all the help so far just from reading through the forums.  I really hope to stick around...especially after I become a VFF owner!!


  • Welcome! Good to have you here!

  • Welcome to the forums!

    Though I'm not a runner (always enjoyed sprints), I'm running more now that I can do it without knee pain (yay!).  And of course, there are so many things to do in VFFs that there's no need to relegate them to just being running shoes ;)
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