Smartwool toe socks

I was into my local VFF store looking for toe socks and the sales person told me that SmartWool has started to make toe socks.
I cannot find them anyplace on the internet.
Has anyone else heard this?


  • I hope REI will start stocking these soon
  • These are my favorites!  I bought a pair from a seller on eBay just for running, but I liked them so much that for Christmas I ordered a few more pairs to wear as dress socks at work.
  • Are they anything like Injinji's Nuwool?
  • on 1294272454:

    Are they anything like Injinji's Nuwool?

    They're both based on merino wool.  Smartwool has just a little bit higher percentage of merino wool (8%) than the Injinji Nuwool socks.  I use the Injinji Nuwool socks and I have a Smartwool baselayer top for running in cold weather.  They feel great!  Nice and soft, and it does help retain warmth.  Not sure how it would do in hot weather though because I just started using them in the past few weeks.
  • I was just talking to someone about how I hoped Smartwool would make toe socks! I just got a pair of smartwool classics and I have been wearing Smartwool socks for years!! A bit obsessed I guess...

    Thanks for the post! I'm going to order these asap  ;D
  • From the GAP website:  on order – est. ship date: Mar 24, 2011... DOH! :o
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