Looks like Adidas is giving minimal footwear a shot

The Adidas Fluid Tech Trainers actually don't look too bad. I stumbled across these today while looking for something else and now I'm actually considering testing out a pair. I love my vffs but sometimes I just want to go out in public and not have to explain my crazy shoes to every random person I see. They look very light, have a flexible minimal sole, VERY breathable, and they actually look pretty cool too.

"Flow through every workout in the exceptional comfort of the adidas Fluid Tech Trainer shoes. The sleek one-piece upper of this training shoe blends dynamic flexibility with total freedom of foot movement in a light, breathable, low-profile design."

What do you guys think?


  • when I don't feel like talking about my shoes, I just say 'yeah' or 'hunh' till they get the message...

  • They thin out in the toe box. I'm not a huge fan of the color blue that they used, is this a lady's style?
  • Not sure whats going on in the toe box I agree it looks pretty slim. As for the color those are the mens and they come in green and black as well.

    Sorry I forgot to post a link in the original post.
  • I agree that the toe-box looks funky. Not just width-wise... it looks very oddly tapered height-wise as well. Looks like something that would not go over well with me. If not for that I'd think they might be pretty decent. They look good. I love the blue, personally. I also like the black-white-red version.
    Too bad the toe-box looks like bad news. :-P
  • The toebox looks strange on the upper as well.  It makes my toenails cry just looking at the pictures.

    The adizero avanti is a great spike.  They should build off it to make a minimal road or trail shoe IMO.
  • I like the black & red better, but the toe box is going to keep me from getting a pair. I don't have extremely wide feet but the toe box doesn't look that comfortable to me. I think if I'm going to get a pair of non-Vibrams, it'll be the Merrell's which technically are part Vibram.
  • Form over function.
  • I do not think so why?
  • That toe box looks like garbage. Running any distance in those and your toe nails would be turning black. No thanks. It just kills me that Vibram is the only company that really gets it.

    Rgs, Jeepman
  • Wow!! Nice shoes. Looks very light in weight and great to know that they are breathable. I just love such cool and trendy shoes. Well, I have bought mesh cut out leggings with my friend help from reputed online store at https://www.carbon38.com/shop-all-activewear/bottoms/mesh-leggings and liked their stuff quality a lot.
  • Like Jeepman stated, the toes would hurt like crazy. People with toenails are going to have a hard time
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