Anyone wearing the Komdosport without the footbed?

I didn't realize my local store must have gotten in the new collection of course! (they have been last in line for deliveries, so I buy mostly online)
Been wanting to try on the Komodo's of course. So today I put two and two together and went over there to discover the new collection :)

I was pleasantly surprised, the sole is not as thick as I feared, and the flexibility of the sole is ok, too. However the footbed (including some kind of synthetic material I don't want under my feet) is a no-no for me. Has anyone been wearing the Komodo's without the footbed?


  • I have thought about it, because it feels different when I run in those than in my KSOs. It seems like there is just one spot under the fore foot that is just glued down. It feels pretty hard undereaht like you would be running on a tough piece of leather or something like that.
  • Are you going put other insoles to replace the originals?
  • They're really not supposed to be worn that way.  I mean, you could, but what's underneath probably isn't all that comfortable.  The Komodos are 7 mm (with the footbed), so if you want less than that, I'd think just going to the KSO would make more sense than taking the footbed out of the Komodo.
  • on 1302730057:

    Are you going put other insoles to replace the originals?

    I dont think I would, but then again it would be hard to make an insole to replace it.
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