treksport sizing

hello :)

i have KSO in a size 40 and am wondering if the treksport comes up the same ? anyone know?

thankyou muchly


  • Pretty much the same.  I've got both in size 43 and they fit similar.  Treksport is stiffer on the bottom, but breaking in is helping.
  • oh fab thankyou. Can't wait to try them out :D
  • Treksports do size bigger, it all depends on how tight are ksos for you...
  • i'd say my KSO are a perfect fit all over.I suppose i can send the others back and get smaller if i need to :)
  • For me they size the same. I'm a 42 in both KSOs and Treksports
  • For me kso 47 are tight, trek and treksport 47 are ok

    The sizing chart recommends a size less in treks and treksport
  • oooo that's interesting.The onliine shop i buy from doesn't have the treksports in the womens sizing chart just the classics,sprint, bikils, Kso and flows. I guess it's beacuse they have only just got them in.I may wait a few more days and see if they add it. thanks
  • My Treksports feel a little bit bigger than my black KSO in M40, but I just got my KSO's a couple days ago and they're already starting to break in nicely.  It's just that my right foot is getting a little bothered by the "Vibram" logo in the KSO's.  You can actually read "Vibram" on my foot after I've had the Treksports for a month.  Both pairs of Komodosports have felt fantastic out of the box - the lack of stitching in the toe pockets and insole make them feel great, even though you loose a little barefoot feeling due to the extra cushioning. 

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