Be Real shoes?

I first saw these on eBay, and checked out their site. Looks like its not 100% functional yet- kind of interesting. They look like total rip-offs, but then again, not. Anyone try them? I imagine bad durability problems, and the "toe" look is just stupid. They should have just gone with a smooth-fronted toe box, imo. Interesting though:


  • These look like VFFs without the toe separation... just the look. Interesting though. I wonder if the inside of the shoes somehow separate your toes.
  • So far I've looked at several of the toe shoes like Ank, Fila, and a generic one I saw in Asia...and I came to the realization that Vibram REALLY knows what they are doing with soles.
  • i like my toes seperated in there own little pockets. I believe that it gives me more balance and more agility. those look like just the tips of the toes go in the "pocket"
  • they look like fakes where they tried to lower the production cost even further by ditching the separate toes. The site looks like a copy-paste thing, combined with a bad story.
  • LOL @ the prices! They need to get real (pun intended)
  • They don't look like fakes because they don't look like any VFFs model. If their sole is flexible enough and the shoes are really water resistant as they claim they could be a good alternative for rainy days (like some other minimalist shoes). My main concern is the price, they're as expensive as VFFs, while I've always considered the Vibram rubber soles a plus over other manufacturers. At those prices they're going to sell very few pairs. Even Vibram started selling their shoes at a lower price (at least in Europe) and later rose them.
    Finally, I find the name of the "brand" a bit silly but FiveFingers has never been to my liking either.

    Has anyone figured a cause for the lower price of the black with white strap scheme? They made a larger batch?
  • They should have called them getrealshoes.  They look like they are trying to ride on VFFs coat tails.  No way I'd even consider these.
  • They are actually great and really minimal. They also believe the toes should be able to touch and stretch when simulating barefoot. If you have not tried them they are worth it. They were designed to allow for full flexibility in the feet and toes and have a lace system inspired by The Tarahumara Indians. The mesh version lets air right through and drains water right out. I know a few people that have purchased them at a local running store in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) and love them. 
  • I like the sound of the waterproofing. That would be a big plus. I'm not sure how well your toes would splay in these, with the tips of your toes in the pockets. This to me seems like it would allow for less foot freedom. A simple wide toe box would have worked out fine in these I think. I'd have to hear more about the material quality used before considering them.
  • I have already ordered a pair of running shoes for work. I wore Orthofeet shoes all day, and had no foot pain. I have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and neuropathy, and had no pain all day. The arch support is perfect, much more comfortable than my $400 orthotics. When they came in the mail, I immediately tried them on, couldn't believe when I stood up-- it was heaven!. I have been telling everybody I work with about these shoes.
  • I have effectively requested a couple of running shoes for work. I wore Orthofeet shoes throughout the day, and had no foot torment. I have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and neuropathy, and had no torment throughout the day. The curve bolster is impeccable, significantly more agreeable than my $400 orthotics. When they came via the post office, I promptly attempted them on, couldn't accept when I stood up- - it was paradise!. I have been informing everyone I work with regarding these shoes
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