Hi everybody!

Just wondering if anybody else on this forum is an archer? I've been shooting for about 4 years or so in a variety of styles. My main style for the majority of it was Recurve, seeing me make the Glamorgan County Squad and shoot for Wales in the European Field Championships in 2009 (, reaching Bowman level in GNAS field. I've no idea what my rating would be in Target, as i've never shot an outdoor Target round!

Since having kids on the scene, my time to practice decreased dramatically so i've put competitive archery on hold for a while. I've always had a soft spot for Asiatic and Eastern traditional styles, with a little collection of bows (Hunnic, Mongol, Scythian etc) but i've settled on the Korean traditional style, shooting bamboo arrows drawn back right past the ear with a thumb ring. I'm enjoying this style a lot more than I ever did shooting competitively, especially the crafting side of things such as making my own arrows, thumb rings, even down to making my own Eastern quivers and think I will probably be sticking with this from now on.

I especially like how the curves on the Korean bow at full draw make people wince and cringe, expecting a big snap when they see it for the first time!



  • I did archery for about 18months to 2 years - but stopped a couple of years ago - the club fees of £70 per year, plus need to upgrade my equipment with ever more expensive gadgetry put me off it!

    I still have my recurve kit though - a KAP riser, (can't remember make of the limbs but they are 30lb weight and cost me about £100) Cartel sight and Easton Jazz arrows. I think the arrows that were sold to me are not quite right for the bow and limbs - perhaps that affected how I shot.

    I moved clubs for a time to a club that shot more field and traditional archery than target, got myself a lovely flatbow, which was more challenging to shoot (a few bruises on the forearm...had to re-adjust my bracer!) but more satisfying.

    Sadly the club meeting ground was too far away and I got fed up of commuting there after a while. I just want to set up a target and shoot in the back garden, you know? But of course it's impractical to do that on a housing estate...  ;D

    I'd still shoot if I had the room to and a club was nearer. I can't bear to sell my bows!
  • I was a teaching assistant in the archery classes when I was at university.  I haven't shot in a few years, but still have my long bow and recurve.  I gave up on my compound bow a long time ago.  I used to have a Howard Hill bamboo laminated long bow, but could never shoot it very well.  A few months ago I was thinking of getting back into archery and trying out the Black Swan bows.

    I miss those archery days!
  • MeAtTheRange.jpg
    Me many moons ago. Haven't even touched that bow in >4 years.  :'(
    I'd love to get back into it but I just don't have the time. Archery is all about consistency and shooting once a week just wasn't cutting it.

    Here's a better picture of my bow. It's a Hoyt XTEC (on the left):
    The other bow's a Bowtech Liberty. Absolutely great bow. I've since sold it. :-[
  • I'm an Archer😃 I shoot a Hoyt Ignite. Used to shoot Matthews but went to the Dark side lol
    Much better experience and loving it so far.
    I'm from Colorado, own a collection of over 55 pairs VFFs just me, my husband owns at least 30 himself, he shoots Hoyt as well and well, we love it.☺️💘

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