Number of VFFs in your collection

I don't know if this poll already exists, but I thought it would be fun.


  • classic, sprints, KSO and Bikilas  ::) now where did they are come from ?!!!
  • you need a 'more than 5' option  ;)
  • Originally I did have a 6 or more option.  Not sure what happened, but I added it back.  Thanks,
  • I have brown/brown KSOs, Smartwool Classics and a pair of Suomy orange floral and black Classics in route from Germany.  I really want to get the Bikila LS, but I am debating holding out for Speeds instead. 
  • There are quite a few in our house and mine have built up over time.... 

    Barefooting; It's not just a lifestyle, it's an obsession

    2 pair Black Treks (1 for yard work)
    Brown Treks
    Black KSO
    2 pair Grey Palm KSO (1 for creek and mud activities)
    Black and Grey Komodo's

    My wife;
    Black Treks
    Black Classic
    2 pair Smart Wool
    (Speeds on the list)

    My Daughter;
    Grey and pink KSO
    Black Jaya
    Smart wool

    My Son;
    Black KSO
  • @barefootin

    Sounds like you are a regualr bare footing family.  Nice collection.  Thanks for sharing.
  • Phew, i'm not the only one with an obsession for these things!

    KSO (black)
    Classics (grey/orange)
    Classics (Smartwool)
    Treks (brown)
    Flows (black)
    Speeds (black & white)

    And soon to have red Sprints :)
  • on 1304707602:


    Sounds like you are a regualr bare footing family.  Nice collection.  Thanks for sharing.

    All minimalist, all the time ;D  Except my son.  He's usually bare or in the KSO's except for at school.  The KSO's make it too easy for others to fit him into lockers ;D
  • Bufff, kind of an obsession for sure:

    KSO black
    KSO grey
    KSO remix
    Trek black
    Trek brown
    Treksport black
    Speed black
    Classic black

    And merrell...

    Trail gloves grey/yellow (for trail running)
    Trail gloves red/black (for all-purpose walking/trip shoe)
    Tough glove black
    Tough glove brown (both for casual/office)

    Minimus life on the way

  • LOL I have 4 and counting.

    and just got some Komodo sport.

    Still wanting some classic smart wool...

    up to 5 now got a second pair of sprints....
  • Just two for me at the moment

    Classic-castle rock/verde

  • I feel like I have too many to count - or admit too.

    grey palm KSOs (all around, running)
    red sprints (running)
    black classics (running)
    grey/orange classics (casual wear)
    2 smartwool classics (one left at the office, one for home)
    Black treks (left at the office)
    brown treks (winter/trail running and casual wear)
    black flows (winter/wet running)
    orange sport treks (so far just for fun and wimsy)

    I really enjoy having all these options to fit my mood, activity, or conditions.  But I think I'm in trouble if I buy another pair.  Ok, maybe I'm already in trouble.  :-[
    (I did get some on sale at least.)
  • Just 2 at the moment. Black Classics and blue/gray Sprints.
  • Black KSOs (my first pair of VFFs and WOW are they broken in!)
    Brown Treks (these are what I wear to work almost daily, and while I have run in them a bit, just wearing them daily has broken them in nicely)
    Camo Flows (I love hitting the trails in the snow -- some of the best runs ever!)
    Black/Grey Bikila LS (the best made VFFs to date in terms of fit and finish.  I will run my first half marathon in these next weekend)
    Grey Smart Wool Classics (needed to be stretched out a bit and broken in).

    I have to say that each pair is completely different in terms of use, fit, and feel.  I don't know that I can justify another pair until the more water proof boots come out in the fall.
  • Black Classics
    Grey/Orange Classics
    White/Blue Classics
    Blue/White Classics
    Red Sprints
    Blue/Castlerock Sprints
    White/Orange Sprints
    Remix KSOs
    Black Flows
    Black KSO Treks
    White/Red Bikilas
    White/Blue Bikilas
    Yellow/Black Komodos
    Black Mocs
  • I may regret putting this in writing but,

    Bikila skyblue/yellow/grey
    KSO blue/grey/camo (my 1st)
    KSO black
    Sprint taupe/putty/clay
    Sprint castle rock/navy/grey
    Speed black
    Speed black (yes 2 pairs)
    Treksport Black
    Classics black
    Classics smartwool
    Classics suomy
    Classics orange/white
    Classics Yellow/navy/grey
    Komodo sport black/gold

    Yikes 14 pairs.
  • I haven't had an income for two years, so I only have my Sprints (blue) from 2008. But on the bright side, I've gotten to live on two continents I had never been to before, learn another language and do an internship! I plan to get some Jayas once I'm finally home and earning some money again.
  • Was inspired by this thread to get an updated pic of my collection. Anybody else got any photos of thier haul?

    This is mine, so far!
  • 7 pairs:

    Brown leather Treks
    Blue/blue Sprints
    Black Speeds
    Khaki Sprints
    Black Performas
    Black Jayas
    Blue/silver Bikila LS

    And I require at least one more pair of Speeds. Possibly two.
    I have a problem. But y'all make me feel a little better. Lol. ;)

    The collection:
  • 7 pairs:
    2 Smartwools (I bought too small the first time, I need to see if I can sell them sometime)
    Bikila silver/green (a smidgen too small, but the next size up felt way too big, I'm still not sure if I can stretch these any of if they are a lost cause)
    KSO black
    KSO grey/palm
    Classics Mauve/sand
    Performas Black

    Oh, and I have a pair of grey/blue Vivo Barefoot Evo's for PT when I can't wear my vibrams yet, and a pair of Black Vivo Barefoot Isis for when I just have to wear a dress or something where showing my toes is not an option.

    I want to get a pair of Black Flows, Blue Bikila LS's, White/purple Jaya's, and Pink Treksports (though I wish it was purple instead of hot pink, but I do need to get some fun colors in my shoes), of course I wouldn't mind another pair of classics in either lilac or stormy. I do think I am well and truely addicted to these shoes.
  • Currently I have just one pair of Classics (Suomy style, black with orange toes and orange flowers printed on the black).

    But I am already saving for a pair of KSOs, and want a pair of KSO Trek and Smartwool Classics in the future.  ::)
  • As Fivefingers are so expensive in the UK I have so far only been able to afford one pair.

    To give you an example - a pair of Komodo Sport in the UK costs the equivalent of $222.28.
    My black KSOs cost me the equivalent of $165 a year ago.

    The cost is the only thing holding me back from getting more, otherwise I'd likely own at least 2 or 3 pairs by now!

    Charging so much doesn't make sense - especially when the average street shoe retails at around £40 ($65).... Vibram are, excuse the pun, shooting themselves in the foot!!  :-[
  • 3 pair:

    grey/green KSO's
    yellow komodo sports
    grey/orange classics

    BUT I'm definitely investing in some more soon!  ;)
  • 3 pair

    1 KSO Brown/Brown
    1 Smartwool Classic
    1 Suomy Classic
  • my collection of two will go up to three today when my Treksports arrive!!!
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