Did my feet grow?

Hi all, and thanks in advance for any advice! 

I'm about 3 months into running in my Bikilas, and my past two runs have felt like my toes were totally squished!  I have very long toes (like fingers, haha), but I haven't had the problem until now. 

Pretty sure my feet are growing as they get stronger, but I'm also pretty sure my toes didn't get longer... would that even be possible?  Is this normal in the progression, and it's time to go with a larger size?  I think I better do something before I lose a toenail.




  • Liz, my feet grew as well.  I started out last year with M39 KSOs and this year I'm wearing M40s.  As my toes straightened out (after having worn cramped mens dress shoes for the past two decades) I found that I needed a larger VFF size.  My feet have also grown wider as well and I have better balance as a result.

    Are your toes hitting the end of the toe pockets when you're just standing still?  Or only when you flex your toes?
  • If you had natural arches I can see that the straightening of your toes/feet could possibly add length.  I had straight wide feet but no arches.  My feet went the other way...  they got even wider and a size + smaller in length as my arches grew.....  Another possibility, if it has gotten warmer in your area maybe your feet are just swelling up some causing the tighter fit.
  • I've gone from a 9.5 shoe size to a 10 now after 1.5 years of wearing these and sandals.  My feet feel squished in gym shoes now.
  • Toes stretching out and building muscle on your feet will make them 'grow' as you barefoot. If your arch was lower than it's really structurally 'intended' to be it'll lift and that'll make your foot 'shrink.' Eventual result being a shorter, but wider foot.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone!  My next run after my post, I got horrible cramping in my calves, which didn't ease when I knocked it back to a jog, nor when I stopped and walked and stretched.  Took off the VFF's and walked barefoot, and the cramp released almost immediately.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.  Scooted right over to my store and bought a new pair of KomodoSports. 

    I was a 40 in the Bikila's when I started out, and I'm now a 41 KomodoSports.  Problem solved.  My feet are gigantic but they feel GREAT and my toes are very happy.  I think the upsizing might be my toes lengthening, which are quite long.  I thought they were straight when I started, but they seem straighter now.  I do have good arches.

    Cheers to happy feet!
  • Swoooosh, really long toes? Like, have you measured them? Whats your size now? if you say they grew, they must be now...
  • Two things happen when you "barefoot" a lot ...

    1) the toes straighten out (the natural act of "gripping" things as you walk/run does this)
    2) the foot flattens out - you're no longer confining it in a stiff shoe, so it naturally splays out a bit more, both in length and width.

    (side effect : putting on any 'normal' shoe will not only feel immensely uncomfortable, but it'll actually HURT)
  • Toes don't "straighten out". I've been barefoot for most of the time since 2011 (at home, running, walking) and nothing has happened to my crooked toes. As for feet flatting out, this might be the case for those with high foot arches, not my case. Toes may splay apart a bit, especially the first and second digits.
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