drying VFF with footbed inserts

The footbed insert is glued into the bottom of my VFF and I suspect it will be really hard to get them back into position and they might not stay in place.  The glue must be there for a reason but as far as I could find Vibram said NOTHING about cleaning and drying these footbeds on their website.   But it's been 24 hours since I washed them and it seems like they will never dry.   What about putting them in the dryer very briefly on "air-only" no-heat setting?      Has anyone actually just removed the footbeds for drying, and how has that worked?  Recommendations welcome.


  • Just use a fan
  • I remove the insole after every use. And especially after washing.

  • how is it possible to remove the insoles in vffs, they are glued and sticthed into place and why would you want to? lastly spin and air dry takes around a dry during any season apart from summer.
  • Komodos have inserts. They are glued in but a good tug will take them out. I pull them out before washing. And dry them separately. Med-Low heat. Dry in about 40 mins.
  • I have Komodos and just went on a hike through some long trails here in Florida and some of it was very swampy, my entire foot got soaked.  I took them home washed them in the shower with me, and after squeezing as much water out as I could, put them up to dry.  I hooked the inside of each the shoes on a hanger (the point of the triangle hanger) and used a small d ring on the inside to keep them on the hanger.  Then placed this in front of a fan, a few hours later they were dry and clean.
  • Since my Air Conditioner is running 100% of the time (or seems that way!) here in the midwest usa I put my sweat soaked or newly washed VFF's on top of on of vents inside.  Seems better than letting them smolder in my garage after a run.
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