Not disappointed any more

I have an update that I wanted to share. I got a pair of five finger Vibram shoes today. I went to a store that had a VERY nice knowledgeable and patient sales lady. Thanks for your help Michelle.  :)


  • Glad you were able to get a good fit! Take your time transitioning into your VFF's and you'll really enjoy them.
  • Great news!  And just to reiterate what The Yeti said, yes, definitely take time to do your transition.  Many of us on the forums, including myself, did too much too soon and ended up with running injuries.  So take it easy.
  • Yay! I am excited that got a pair. Also, glad to hear that you dealt with someone worth while.
  • Sweet. I started out with mine just wearing them to walk around in, then transitioned to running in them later. I've never experienced an injury, but i did punish my knees unfairly running downhill in my Komodo sports.

    Hey- What model did you get?

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