Other Barefoot shoes...

I've seen some press go by about some alternatives to VFF's... and as much as I like my KSO's, for everyday use at work, I'd like something a little less... unique looking.

Anyone tried any of these?



  • I'm trying some Soft Star moccasins right now - they look a ton like Birkenstock Boston clogs when worn with pants/jeans (if you've ever seen those) while having a very minimal sole.  Otherwise, they look a bit like elf shoes ;)

    But they are very comfortable - will do a full write-up on them soon!
  • I love my VivoBarefoot shoes by Terra Plana. They look good and are cozy for winter with socks. Check out my post about my Dundan boots here: http://expeditionaryart.com/blog/2009/02/vivo-barefoot/
  • Maria, I saw your post about the Dundan's back in February and have been pining for a pair ever since. :) I can't wait for them to go back on sale in the fall.

    I just received a pair of Vivo Barefoot Lucys and I think they're great. They're black leather with a little bit of red (for the logo) so are very inconspicuous. I'm looking forward to trying them out outside with socks on when the weather turns cooler. I've walked around the house with them a bit today and find them extremely comfortable and kind of slipper-like. I'll post more about them after I wear them a bit more. They just arrived yesterday so I don't have too much to say about them yet but my first impressions are very positive.
  • The VivoBarefoot shoes by Terra Plana look really nice, and would work pretty well with my workplace...

    Sadly, when I search for the closest stocklist, I get 3100 miles away.

    If I bite the bullet and buy them, any suggestions on sizing? The site says to go up one size- accurate?


  • Most of my VFFs are size W38 as are my shoes in European sizing. I got my Vivos in size 39 and they're the right size for my feet. All the reviews I've read of Vivos suggest going one size up.

    The sad things about Vivos is that they're so expensive and very few places in North America sell them. Mine came from New York (I'm in Alberta, Canada).
  • Feelmax. Look a bit more mainstream but a nice barefoot feel.

    Although I'm irked that they only seem to have one supplier in North America. And they only carry their water resistant sole version in men's sizes in North America. Growl... >:(
  • I'm a 38 in fivefingers, and I found that going up one size was not enough for Vivos.  Went with, I think, 40 - my toes felt a bit cramped in the 39s.  Maybe my toes are weird?  I find it nearly impossible to wear any shoes other than Fivefingers or Vivos, though, so maybe it's just me. 
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