Badminton in my Komodosports!

So after playing a number of random pick-up games of badminton at the local rec centre, I finally made it out to my first badminton club session in more than two years.

The level of play was good. I've managed to play a few good players at the rec centre, but the club is a few levels above.  Because of my schedule and how busy life has been (marriage, multiple moves, work and travel) I haven't played at a competetive level in about 3 years. Needless to say it felt amazing to get back out and play. I definitely felt some rust for the first hour of play, but as the night wore on, my shots were crisp and my footwork improved throughout. It was good to feel I was closer to my regular level of play than I expected. I played doubles for most of the night, and had one match of singles at the end which was close but I lost to one of the better guys there. I'm just happy I could hit the shuttle, so I was very pleased with my performance.

I've only ever wore court shoes (I've used asics tennis shoes and have a pair of Yonex badminton shoes) playing badminton at this level. I decided to try my Komodosports out, knowing that there would be some intense rallies. After just one session, I'm retiring my Yonex shoes. They have a special grip formula on the rubber to stick to the floor, but when you play on hardwood that's even slightly dusty they are like slippers. This is not the case with the Komodosports. Last night I played on a fairly dusty hardwood floor (IMHO the worst surface you can play badminton on) and I didn't slip once through all of the crazy rallies I had.  The VFF's eliminated what I call the 'Scooby Doo effect' where you are moving your feet, but you don't move anywhere for a split second, like when cartoon characters try to run.  Even with aggressive lateral movements, I was still able to stop on a dime and change directions without any slipping. I even had a couple of nice jump smashes that were nicely placed.

All in all, I'm very happy at how well the Komodosports handled last night's matches on the hardwood. I had only used them on a rubber-composite floor which is amazing to play on, at a more casual level of play. It feels like you are glued to the ground when playing on that surface, compared to the wood. I lost some of the gold foil stuff off of the toe, but they seemed to hold up well. I'll be interested to see how long they last as a badminton shoe. With all the starting, stopping and sprinting I think they will be more abused than in most other sports. Some of those rallies were intense, crazy and scrambly.

I'll see about getting some video at the club, and post it. Feels awesome to be back playing again!


  • i agree, the dragons (komodo, get it?  :P) have insane grip.

    as Bill Cosby said, "...stop on a dime, give you nine cents change..." hehe.

    they have such crazy grip i find myself tripping over them. i don't mind because that's why i bought them but once in awhile one of the smaller toes catches on the ground if i don't lift my foot enough.  it's awesome!
  • Hi,

    Got my Komodosport LS (my first VFFs!) a week ago for badminton and gym.

    I've been using tennis shoes for months now, and was looking to get some badminton shoes. I realised that badminton shoes are very similar, just with thinner soles - so decided to go all the way with some Vibrams. They are some of the best things I've ever bought.

    As The Yeti said, they are really grippy, and seem to be holding up really well. The zero-drop makes it a lot easier to stay balanced, and I can stand much straighter while keeping my weight on the balls of my feet (for quick reactions). The 7mm of sole also make me a lot more grounded, though I have lost "spring" - but playing has strengthened my toes so that's not a problem.
    They are also really light - and the sole wraps up around the inside ball of each foot making it really easy to cut laterally.

    As a side note, I got the LS as it can be tightened much more to fit your foot than the regular Komodosports. In the regular version I tried on my foot had far too much room in the front.

    So yeah, these are awesome for really quick competitive badminton. Thanks to The Yeti for his post - I probably wouldn't have bought them otherwise.
  • Glad I helped! I bet the LS version stays in place a little better. I find with mine when my feet get sweaty they do shift a little, but its manageable.

    An update, my KS are still kicking. They sole did start to detach in one spot but gorilla glue fixed that!
  • Yeah, I did find the LS gave me a much more secure fit - though I do have narrow feet.

    I use Performance Original weight Injinji's with them too - my feet (for whatever reason) just don't get sweaty in them, so my VFFs don't stink anywhere near as much. if you want to reduce the sliding, a pair of these could help.

    I'm impressed that your original pair are still going. If mine last that long I will be one very happy customer.
  • You realize, reading the opening post of this thread, one cannot help but hear that sound effect and picture it ...
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