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I've had my VFF sprints for almost 2 months.  Great to find this site.  I just started running in them on my treadmill (18" of snow).  I've put about 14 miles in (about 5 miles each run) and some blistering on my forefoot.  I guess this is just an adjustment period.  Has anyone had any running experience with the KSO's vs. Sprint?  I'll check the rest of the forum.


  • Welcome! 

    I run in Sprints, but I've never tried the KSOs. I haven't had any problems with them (other than VFF Calves).  Which part of your foot is blistered?
  • Glad you like this site!
    Sure, there is always an adjustment period depending on your foot usage before VFFs. Sore calves and blisters on the toes can happen, but 2 months seems like a good enough introduction period.
  • It's kind of strange.  It feels like a blister after about 3 miles into my run.  I blistered the area while doing a 20 mile training run in foot prisons (nike vomeros) about a month and a half ago.  It healed.  As you can see it doesnt look like a blister.  I might wear some injinis for awhile.

    oh... I'm running on a treadmill (snow on the streets).  It might be the foot strike repetition that you don't get outdoors.
  • I can't see it very well, I'm guessing it's a deep blister where the fluid is in at the base of the epidermal skin. I got it on my big toe right under the thick skin in the 1st week of my VFF use, it took a month for it to grow out but it only hurt for a week.

    Looking at the picture it seems that your toes are used to being close together, I wondered how easy it is to put your sprints on? :D
  • That feels right.  It is under some thick skin.  Close toes?  You should have seen them two months ago  :o.  The VFF's have done wonders.
  • Welcome to the forum. My first thought was "I wonder if he owns a Mac..."
  • Why a Mac? Don't worry, sometimes I'm pretty ignorant about some things.
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    Why a Mac? Don't worry, sometimes I'm pretty ignorant about some things.

    I'm going to go with his name being SteveJ, which could be Steve Jobs one of the apple founders.
  • I do own a Mac.  But I'm not the Steve J... or am I?
  • Could you get me a free Mac book and iPhone? :D
  • Sure... they are on their way...  ;)
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