Bormio: most comfortable VFF out of the box

I just got my 2 pairs of Bormios and I have to say they are ridiculously comfortable. Seemingly by far the most comfortable out of any of my pairs:
Classic, Sprint(x2), KSO, KSO Trek Sport.

I feel like I should order another 2 pairs just for the future... I'll give these a few days first though.

They also look REALLY nice. Like super duper nice - Best office setting by far. The leather is much more of a true leather compared to Trek LS - smooth not fuzzy.
I'll have to add some pics later.


  • I put in an order for a pair of Bormio's, which might arrive Friday.

    Does the leather seem noticeably different compared to Trek LS? Are you sure you didn't mean KSO Trek?
  • I've almost worn my bormios out. They are awesome
  • on 1325721462:

    Does the leather seem noticeably different compared to Trek LS? Are you sure you didn't mean KSO Trek?

    Yes. The leather is very different. I returned 2 pair of Trek LS (black and tan). The leather was no where near as plush. Plus the laces bothered me and the biggest issue was my ankles rubbing.

    I love my Bormios. Wore them to work today and they are absolutely comfortable. I'm thinking about picking up another 2 pairs (black and tan) because they were discontinued.
  • you should!  I got the tan for christmas, and just ordered the blacks.  I can't believe they are being discontinued!?  Far and away, these are my favorite vffs.
  • The leather is exactly the same. There are just more seams in the Trek LS.   There is also a inner wool membrane on the Bromio which adds allot of softness.  They also have the wides toe pockets out of any of the VFF models.  If you like them you should stock up.  They are discontinued and I can tell you there is nothing else like them coming down the line in the near future (Spring of Fall of this year).  It seems like for now they abandoned the idea of dress/casual especially in the boot form.  I have 6 pair now because they are my favorite VFF and Favorite shoe I have ever worn.  Storing most of them in the closet till the ones I am wearing now wear out.  I would buy two more but I am a little short on money.  

    Vibram is shooting themselves in the foot.  I can't tell you how many people have told me they would wear a pair of Bormio/Trek LS but think all the other styles look tacky.  Most poeple in America don't want shoes that are colored like the majority of VFF styles. 
  • I think you are right about the looks of the Bormio/Trek LS, Robert. There are quite a few people that are not into all those bright colors, but would have tried out if they`ld seen the laether models in their local shoestore.
    Personally I don`t mind the bright colors, but I admit it`s not the classiest of looks. Too bad I`m in Europe, or I would have bought an extra pair of both models.We can only hope classy leather will make its return someday, preferably on a KSO sole/footbed if it were up to me!

    I do think the Bormios are a little narrow on the forefoot, especially with thicker toesocks. My Cortina boots are much looser, the fit is nicer, and they stay on nicely all the same....

  • When I saw the Trek LS in person I decided not to buy it. The Trek LS doesn't extend far enough over the ankle to block rain/snow unlike the Bormio.

    In addition, the Bormio doesn't have the suede feeling off-colored panel on the side that isn't apparent online but is very apparent in person. (see or ... it doesn't look offcolored here)

    The store I went to only had Bormio in M43 or larger so I didn't get to try it though  :'(
  • on 1325794172:

    The leather is exactly the same.

    Hmm you may be right. The presentation is of a much more plush leather though.

    I do have one minor complaint: on my left foot the part between the toe pockets sort of annoys in between my toes, but that may be something that will go away with wear.

    Will definitely be ordering more.
  • The leather really does start to wear and get quite pliable between the toes.  I think them now to have the most comfortable toe pockets out of any of the models.  I kind of have a wide big toe so it is nice to have the extra toe room. :)
  • I finally got to try on the Bormio and Trek LS.

    The Trek LS actually impinged on the side of my first metatarsal. It's not comfortable in that regard and impractical since the tongue doesn't extend far enough around the front of the foot to stop rain/snow.

    The Bormio in the M41 is really loose at the ankle for me and a bit loose in front I could probably stuff my pants in there plus overpants and wear thicker socks than the Injinji original weight. M40 fits fine but I feel like the big toe needs to be broken in. My big toe pushed against the end so I'd probably have to use the Morton's toe mod on the big toe for it like I did to break in my KSO (seeing how every other toe is shorter than the pockets). The Bormio also bunched up on top of my foot when I flexed my forefoot but I suspect that is because of the leather being untouched and not broken in.

    The inside of the Bormio toe pockets felt like they were polyester lined unlike the Trek LS.

    As a side note, the Trek LS in brown looks better than the black one due to the camo soles.

    In my opinion, they should make a winterized Komodosport ala NB Minimus or just use a Komodosport sole on a Bormio upper with laces (akin to the very successful Nike Free boot,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-179377/pgid-438377 or for women, the new Vivobarefoot Boxing Boot The Trek sole is less versatile and the spacing of the lugs make the sole not grip as much on wet pavement as other soles.

    If VFF could break into the military dresscode with a special ops boot like Nike Free did then they have a whole new market with a easily estimated customer base. They already have men in the Navy using them, so the key is to spread into the air force, army, marines, etc.

  • Bah humbug..I just got a pair of Komodosport LS' which I really like,and now you're tempting me to go try on a pair of Bormios.
  • I found some issues with the Bormio that haven't been addressed:
    it's slipper on slick smooth surfaces (think kitchen tile with soap)
    it's not that great on wet surfaces
    the low surface area of the lugs make it not grip as much on dry surfaces compared to the standard sole
  • I have mentioned that before about the Bormio.  I have mentioned that about any VFF that uses the Trek sole.  They all have that issue.  The lugs on the bottom don't provide as much surface area.  When you are walking on wet pavement you can slip around some.  i don't do it very often and I have yet to fall because of it.  Some would say because you have better control and awareness in your feet you will compensate better for this.  I wish they would have went with a different sole like the Flow sole or the new Spyridon sole.  Either way I still really like the Bormio it is the most comfortably VFF I own.
  • Ya, this^

    I'm still experiencing some discomfort between my toes on the left foot, but it is only when I walk a lot and it is seemingly getting better.
  • The pain between my toes has mostly gone away now. I haven't felt it in a few days and I wear them everyday (alternating between the black and brown pair usually).

    EDIT: OH GAWD REI is out of stock of the black ones! One store still has a pair! I must stop there on the way back this weekend!
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