Inflammation 4th metatarsal head

Hi all,

I have been walking in vibrams and merrell pace gloves since the past spring. I love the free feeling, light weight at my feet and reduction in knee pain. I even hiked some pretty rough terrain in my merrells last december on La Gomera. The last weeks I was mainly just working in the office (in my office shoes) so no rough things with my minimalist shoes unless some casual city walking and a few classes of 'kickfun'.

However... since last week my left foot is hurting at the bottom and after last monday 's kickfun class, I would barely stand (barefoot). It felt like a bone is in the wrong position. So to the doctor I went...

After some pushing and pulling he came to the conclusion that the 4th metatarsal head is inflamed. He didn 't think it would be a stressfracture (only the bottom hurts and with shoes I can walk pretty normally  :)) He remarked that my metatarsal arch (don 't know if this is the proper name in english) is quite flat, which causes my 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals to carry more load than should normally the case. He explained that mostly the weight is on the 1st and 5th metatarsal? I also have quite some callus forming on the ball of my foot.

So... my question to you all. What should I do? The doctor of course started saying that since this is the first time I have this injury, he would just recommend rest and ibuprofen, but if it reoccurred I should consider orthotics... I don 't want orthotics...  ;D

Is there a way to 'unflatten' the metatarsal arch? I don 't have flat feet, the 'foot arch' very well formed he said but the ball of my foot is quite flat.

At the moment I am wearing my beefier shoes since it hurts too much barefoot and I guess the inflammation must heal.

What do you all recommend?

Thanks a lot for your advice!


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