Allergic to VFFs?

Hi guys. I bought a pair of KSOs a few weeks ago which I absolutely love. I've been wearing them to work and have worn them all day on some days. However for a couple of weeks now both my feet have broken out in itchy hives. My feet and ankles broke out in them first and now I have one or two on each leg above the knee. I cannot for the life of me work out what is causing them. I dont have any other allergies so I'm just wondering if there is any recorded cases of being allergic to VFFs. I'll be devastated if my KSOs are what's causing my hives :(


  • More likely it's a reaction to sweat.  Are you wearing socks with them?
  • Is it possible you ran or walked through something and each time you put them on you are just spreading it on again?  I would start by first washing them and see if that helps
  • Yeah, we had some guys who broke out after walking through some brush in El Paso, but we never found out what caused it.  How are your bathing habits, just kidding.  It could also be supplements, have you started taking any thing new?
  • No haven't started taking anything new. And I've washed them a few times now. I am wondering if it's the sweat thing though. I haven't been wearing socks with them but I just bought a pair of injinji's so I'll see how they go :)
  • Any update after you tried the socks? The tops of my feet are breaking out from KSO. I have only had them about 3 days.
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