Your first time w/ VFF

I'm kinda pumped to get a pair of VFFs. I know I'm getting the Speeds!

I know all the benefits on VFF's, but what I want to know is how the shoe feels. So please tell me, what was your first time with VFF's like? Did you immediately feel a difference, was it awe inspiring, or did you not notice anything the 1st time?

I'm excited for your replies!


  • Having never worn toe socks or even flip flops, the space between my toes felt very uncomfortable.  I also thought they were too small, and traded up a size.  Turned out I was wrong on the size, should have stayed with it.
  • I hope you like them.  I think you will find you want to wear them more then just when you are running.  The Speed is a better shoe for everyday wear.  I think you should be pleased.

    To tell you the truth I left the store thinking... man those were so uncomfortable I can't believe anyone would wear those.  The first store I tried them on at put me in a size 41.  I wear a 42-43 and usually a 43 for comfort.  So my toes were jammed in the pockets and it hurt.  I went to another store later (Born To Run in Bellvue) and they fit me in a size 43 Bikila LS.  I left the store in them and was in love by the time I got home.  I went back the same day and got a Black pair of KSO Trek for the Opera we were going to later that week.  

    I transitioned instantly...  I would not recommend this though.  I did not know it at the time but I was a big bare footer since I was a kid and I have been conditioning myself to be barefoot on hot/painfully rocky surfaces for years.  The transition was easy for me.  I had a little soreness in the tendon that runs to my Pinky toe.  It was from it building up the mussels and the range of motion.  It was similar to the soreness you would experience after a good workout.  That lasted a week or two.  
  • YOu say they sized you wrong, did you get your calculations from the VFF website? I'm about 1mm away (if not less) from my foot being 10 1/2''. With that said I should be a 41, do you suggest I size up to a 42?
  • I would think you would wear a 41. However, you should really try them on, or if you need to order online, order a 41 and a 42 and return the one that doesn't fit. I did this when I ordered Komodosport LS.  I could tell the 41s were too big on me because when I put my toes to the end of the toe pockets, there was about a 1/4" to 1/2" gap at the heel.

    I got my first pair, Treksport W41, at REI.  I ended up returning them for a W40 as I was getting a blister on my little toe from them being too big.  I didn't realize that they need to fit snug, like a glove.  It took a little while to really get used to VFFs, but now I hardly ever wear anything else.
  • I did research after seeing them around a couple times and becoming interested/intrigued and found this site before ever trying on a pair. Then I ran over to a local store and tried on some ksos and instantly fell in love with them! This was last april/may The feeling of being free was so amazing I went home and ordered my first pair, and got my second just a week later.  My third and fourth I ordered about a month after that.. and now I am up to 8 total vffs! There's no going back for me.  

    I also transitioned fairly quickly, not at first though.  I started out with just casual wear and very short distances to build up my lower leg/foot strength.  My calves were SCREAMING for about 5 days after my first very very short run (I am talking just a few hundred feet here).  I didn't get into running distances farther than 2-3 miles until oct/nov of last year but I instantly fell in love.

    I quickly progressed to running 4, then 6, then 8 miles.  I did develop TOFP and had what I believed to be an inflamed tendon, which I treated with a walking boot and cushy shoes for about a week until it felt 100% better.  Now I am either wearing vffs, stems, merrells, vivobarefoots, or barefoot!

    ***also, my size was spot on when I measured my foot and went by the sizing chart.
  • Fell in love visually when I first saw pink Bikilas in a magazine, then got Pink Treksports at Sail (in Canada), and it was love at first wear! Felt like a glove. I now own many (see signature) and love everything about them (except how hard it is to get some of the rare cute models).
  • My first time with VFFs made me think "damn, my pinky toes suck at spreading". Also, I wouldn't get Bikilas as the first VFFs since they have toe spring and more padding.

    It was a weird reason actually:
    I cycled two pairs of running sneakers with different sole thicknesses and cushioning levels before and could do about 5 miles easily with a ~7min pace. One pair was down to the foam (i.e. no rubber) in the heel. Since I forefoot/midfoot naturally it was weird to have this happen, but then again the forefoot region was even thinner. I looked for why my form was this way.

    Finishline kept sending me flyers for the Minimus. I knew about FiveFingers after I researched the Minimus (MT10) and then I tried on the Bikila in M41 (toe spring), KSO in M40 and M41, Bormio/Trek LS in M40 and M41... 

    The Bikilas/Trek sole weren't that amazing to me, but I could REALLY feel the ground in KSOs. Every nook and cranny. And since I was going barefoot much of the time indoors (I hate flip-flops due to the smacking of the heel part when I pick up my foot... plus motivation to clean the floor!), I figure it would be fun to feel the ground outdoors also. I never spent more than ~$50-$60 for a pair of shoes (I was wearing children's size up until about age 12 too so never more than $30 for those), so VFF KSOs basically straddled that limit.

    As far as measuring, I got measured at a licensed dealer (a running store) and it was between M40 and M41. For Bikilas, the saleswoman gave me M41 which fit loosely in every toe except the big toe, with about 5mm on the big toe.

    I still heed the TMTS warnings. The first few weeks and months I followed the guide on Runner's World on minimalist running. No metatarsal fractures thus far and I wear VFFs every day more or less (Merrell Barefoot Tough Glove on construction-type job sites). I can do about 5km (~3.1mi) in VFFs without form breakdown but not the same speed. Sprints are much faster in KSOs though.

    The only problem is I wish Injinjis were cheaper.. I spent more on socks than any pair of VFFs even when I bought them on Injinji's black friday sale!
  • on 1330692348:

    YOu say they sized you wrong, did you get your calculations from the VFF website? I'm about 1mm away (if not less) from my foot being 10 1/2''. With that said I should be a 41, do you suggest I size up to a 42?

    No I saw them online months before but thought they were interesting.  Did not know where to try them on so I dropped it.  One day I was walking by a store and saw them the window.  I went in and asked to try them on.  The salesmen at the store measured my foot and determined I needed a 41.  I left feeling deflated and unimpressed.  When i went to Born to Run they took the time to measure me right and then gave me two options of a 42-43 I went with the 43.  I still prefer a looser fit for casual wear (Size 43) and a tighter fit for more strenuous activity (Size 42).  In a size 41 my toes a pretty crammed in there. 
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