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So I am the happy owner of 3 pairs of Oezti3300 shoes, the Brogan, the new "superslick" and their original 300gms.  They each come with a proprietary insole they call "corklite"  It does not have 0 heel drop but supposedly after breaking them in the insoles flatten to nearly 0 heel drop.  And interestingly enough I don't seem to mind the insoles in either the brogan and super slick model, and I can attest to a significant increase in comfort after breaking in the insoles and flattening them out.  However, with the 300gms model I just really hate the insoles with them.  These are the most minimalist of their shoes and the insole just seems way too much structure than I want or am used to in that kinda shoe.  So I want to remove the insole.  But I was wondering if anyone here had a good solution for a very thin insole I could put in just to cover the stitching and protect it from rubbing on my feet. 

and if anyone has any questions about those shoes and wants my input I'd be happy to oblige.


  • I own every model of the Otz.  BTW they changed from Oetzi300 to OTZ this last month.  The Brogan is the one you will have the most trouble with.  If you take the insole out there are holes cut into the footbed.  This is to allow the shoe to flex.  It is very uncomfortable to stand on those holes though.  The 300GMS and the SuperSlick don't have any holes and are completely smooth.  If you wear socks you can walk on the footbed just fine.  I don't have any irritation from the stitching.  They don't even bother me all that much when I am barefoot.  If you really need to make a insole then I would suggest this.  I did it with my pair of Low Leather and it worked.  

    Step One:  Buy some of this cork board.


    Step Two.  Trace around your insole

    Step Three:  Cut the insole out a little larger then the tracing.

    Step Four:  Use a Dremel, sand paper, or scissors to trim off the excess to make sure you get a good fit.

    It is easier to cut it a little larger in step three and slowly shave off excess then it is to cut it to size the first time.  You get a more accurate fit that way.

    I can get two insoles per sheet.  So you should be able to get 8 individual insoles from that package of cork board.

    Finished Product:



    Sometimes you have to trim the excess thread that they use to sew the upper and sole together.  I notice sometimes there is a little slack left over.  I can't wear any of them with the footbeds.  The initial heal rise hurts my foot.  How long did it take for you to flatten out the insole?  What do you think about all of the styles?  Also what do you think of the Super-Slick?   What color did you get?  I ordered the Blue Suede pair.  I really like them.  Probably my favorite pair of Otz yet.  I just got a white leather pair of Super Slick as well.  They should be here Monday.  Why do you not like the insole with the 300GMS?  Does it cause you to slip in the heel with it in the shoe?

    In the future they are developing a minimalist cork footbed.  Not sure when it will be out.  It should be very similar to the cork insoles they have now just thinner and completely flat heel drop.

    Within the next few weeks I should have a HUGE review on OTZ.  I am combining all of the shoes I own in to one huge mega review and guide.  I want to be able to lay out which shoes work best for minimalist enthusiasts.  I think the some of the shoes work better then others.  
  • BTW here are my super slick:



  • Thanks so much! this sounds like a pretty decent solution.  One thing I am considering, dunno if it would even work, would be to somehow file down the bottom of the footbed on the heel end to remove some of the heel rise.

    But yea, I really don't like the footbed.  The heel rise and arch support give me foot and knee pain and I just plain don't like the feeling of all that extra stuff around my foot.  I'm no hypochondriac about this stuff and so it amazes even me how these small changes really make an impact on biomechanics enough to cause discomfort and pain.  And for some reason, on the 300gms all this seems amplified, I dunno what it is but I find them really uncomfortable as a minimalist shoe. I'm hoping I can alter the foot bed or remove it and be happy with it, although then they'll be a little too baggy for my foot since the footbed creates added height inside the shoe.  For some reason, in comparison I'm very happy with the brogan and superslick, but that may be due to the context of me finding these shoes very stylish.  You know, like it's a good compromise for such awesome shoes, whereas, with the 300gms, which is supposed to be a very minimal, I hold it under harsher criticism.   

    I'm really interested to hear more about this minimalist footbed you heard about....where did u find this out? Any ETA? 


    ps.  I have the natural color in 300gms, the tan color in the superslick and the brogan in castlerock.
  • I have been in contact with Ludo and a few other poeple with the company.  I am in the process of writing reviews for all of their shoes.  I can not wear any of the insoles.  They told me they would be sending me a minimalist insole soon to test out.  I have no idea when they might start producing them for the mass market.  I am hoping they offer them for sale on their site.  It would be nice if when they do release it they allow you to select which insole your prefer at checkout.  

    I found my cork board solution works pretty well.  It also added a little high to the inside.  It might fix your issue that you were having with the 300gms.  Also you could stack a few of the pieces of cork board on top of each other and glue them together.  Then cut out a thicker cork sole.  That might work even better for the 300 gms.

    I really like the styling of most of their shoes.  I am like you.   They are not %100 minimalist but they do well enough for me in situations that I want to dress up more.  There were several times this winter that I needed the OTZ Troop Boot in order to walk around in the snow.  Overall though I like their shoes.  

    I don't think I would try to file down the sole.  I would be afraid it would end up ruining it.  I thought about doing that but I also think it would be hard to make it completely even.
  • BearFooted - you got me totally hooked on OTZ ever since you first mentioned them here. If they are in the process of producing a more minimal footbed, i would be all for it! I have noticed that they make their shoes WITH the corkbed in mind, since when I removed it to see what they were like without it, the shoe was WAY too roomy (I am not sure if ordering a size down would even "fix" that). But the corkbed really is QUITE comfy, since it does mould to your feet and they get more comfortable with each use.

    I own two - the Madlib Canvas in green and the Shaggy Sand Moc (which I expect in a few weeks from TheClymb). If finances are in my favor, I plan on getting the Troop Shearling boot this winter. Like you, I wouldn't mind one of each pair one day (I also say that about VFFs lol).

    BTW, those Super Slicks are... well... slick!! I like them a lot!
  • I have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and neuropathy, and had no pain all day. The arch support is perfect, much more comfortable than my orthotics. When they came in the mail, I immediately tried them on, couldn't believe when I stood up- it was heaven! I am a nurse. I have been telling everybody I work with about orthofeet's shoes.
  • I have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and neuropathy, and had no torment throughout the day. The curve bolster is impeccable, substantially more agreeable than my orthotics. When they came via the post office, I instantly attempted them on, couldn't accept when I stood up-it was paradise! I am a medical attendant. I have been educating everyone I work with regarding orthofeet's shoes.
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