Seeya? Classic? Komodo?

I have tried 3 styles of Vibrams as of now. I am looking for expert advice. I run my dogs 4 days a week on the road for about 1/2 mile. I also run at least two miles in a gym, I do general training at the gym like weights and machines. I also attend some fitness classes like yoga, zumba, kick boxing ect. I currently have the SeeYa's sitting next to me and I basically love them, however the website (and just about everywhere on the web) says these are best for strict running. Given that these are the best fitting for me (the Speed's were huge and the Sprint's dug into my heel), but they are not exactly recommended for my activities, what should I do? At this point I feel that it is between the SeeYa's and the Classic's but I am worried my gym will not allow the classics because they do not "cover the entire foot".

Any opinions appreciated!!


  • I would go with the Komodo. Im not speaking from personal experience, but I have 2 friends that run a lot but are also heavily into CrossFit. They have no complaints.
  • I would think the Komodos would be your best bet. They are a good all around shoe.  I use mine for running and I really like them.  They're supposed to be good for sports with lateral movement.
  • Use the Seeyas  for the dogs runs and I agree with the the Komodos for the gym for sure. 
  • Suppose it depends on the gym management but I haven't had any problems here in the UK with classics or sprints at the gym, I've even gotten away with barefoot on the rowers and treadmills but i won't be trying to get away with that too often.
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