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I have a pair of Komodosport but I haven't tried them outside yet.  I have used them for workouts including running on a treadmill.  We are finally getting some warmer weather so will give them a try outside.  I bought my Komodosports at a store and I am wondering about the fit.  If I go by the sizing on the VFF website I should have bought a 36 (my feet are 8 3/4 inches long) but the sales person sold me 37.  They seem like they could be a bit on large side but I am not sure if it is because my toes are short. 

I do dog agility and most of my other shoes have been field hockey shoes.  We can run on grass, wet grass, artificial turf, dirt, sand, or cushioned mats.  Usually in the summer it is grass.  The temperature can vary from very hot to cold in the winter (+40C to -7C or 105F to 20F).  I live in Toronto Canada and in the winter we practice in an unheated facility and in the warmer months it is outside on grass.

Right now I am looking for some spring/summer shoes that have good grip for running mainly on grass and wet grass.  My dogs are fast and I need to be able to run fast with them changing directions quickly.  A great video showing one of the top handlers in the world (Daisy Peel)  2012 AKC Nationals Mashup - SOLAR

Would the new SPYRIDON LS be a good choice?



  • Before pulling the trigger on another pair, give your KomodoSports a try.  Several people have reported using them for Ultimate Frisbee and other sports.  They claim they have great lateral traction.
  • Great to fight other dog agility fans here!

    I do dog agility on my VFF Spyridons, never ever slipped, not even when running in rain...
  • I think it would best for the dog if it went barefoot.  ;D
  • That video is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick  8)

    I agree your Komodo's should perform well for this activity, however is it too late to go back to exchange them, or at least try on the size 36 so you can be sure you got the right size?  Being just a smidge too big shouldn't really be that big of a deal, though.
  • So how is it going? As a fellow dog agility person(though I just do it for fun and not for the competitive aspect, if the dog is happy and getting exercise so am I!) I am curious on your experiences. I only had my Bormios for one show before they went the way of the Dodo and I worked that show and wasn't feeling well so I didn't end up doing much running in them. They were far more comfortable for actively wearing all day!

    And boy do I love watching Border Collies run(and Aussies). We get a lot of them at our NADAC trials!
  • This is me, last Saturday, with my sweet little border collie  :)
    Me wearing Spyridons... and running for a third place of 95 dogs!

  • Hi, I love dog agility  :) one day I might be disciplined enough to have a go.... have just about got to grips with running my 3 miles every morning with my husky/border collie attached to my waist on an extendable lead.....she is an amazing pace setter!

  • I love the videos! It's so beautiful, the bond between animal and trainer. <3
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