VFF SPEED Size Question

Been awhile since I've been on here, how ya'll doin'?

I wear Size 43 mens in the 6 pairs of various VFF's I own. I've not tried on a pair of Speeds, is it a safe bet without trying on a pair of Speeds to go with size 43?


  • What other's do you have?
  • Welcome back Ghost. 

    I have found in Speeds, Bikila LS and Komodosport LS that I need to up-size considerably.  I take a M40 in KSO, a M41 in Classics and Sprints, and I took an M42 in Speeds.  My issue is width.  I have wide feet and in order to get comfort and no pinching, I need to go up from 41 to 42 in those three styles. 

    Here is a previous post thread on Speed sizing.

  • Mr. Leigh, I don't have wide feet so any chance that 43's would fit like my other VFF's?

    I own 2 pairs Komodo's, 3 pairs KSO's, 1 pair Trek Sport, 1 pair Sprints
  • Typing only based on my experience, my Komodo's and Speed's are plus 1 in size compared to my KSO's, Treks, Trek LS, and Bormio's.
  • Based solely on my experience, I would have to say the only Vibrams that size correctly for me off of Vibram's chart is the KSO and Classics/Sprints.  If you are a 43 in KSO and do not have wide feet, then a 44 in Speeds should be correct.  When I up-sized the one extra size, it was to gain width.  Toe length was adequate in the smaller sized pair.  So you are a 43 across the board in all 5 pair of your Vibrams huh?  I feel as though one size larger than the Vibram chart recommends is correct for most regarding Speeds.  I know I am an exception in needing two sizes up, because of my wide feet.
  • Narrow feet here. I found the M46 Speeds were just about right for my big toe, but the second toe was uncomfortable against the end of its pocket. I went for the M47s in the end. The toe pockets are a lot more "snug" than other models too, so you might find that takes a little getting used to.
  • I wear a 42 in KSO's... grey fits, black's don't and should be sized up.
    I wear a 43 in classics, Bikila LS, and Speeds
  • i don't know why, but ONLY the speeds are upsized for me
  • I seem to recall someone saying that the Speeds typically require upsizing. I think it was something about them having the same overall length as other VFF's of the same size but the toe pockets are longer on the Speeds or something like that.
  • What does upsizing mean?
  • on 1334200367:

    What does upsizing mean?

    Buying the next size up (ie. one size larger).
  • I am size 8 (42) in regular shoes.

    W40 black KSOs fit snug-to-tight on my feet without socks.

    M41 white Speeds are just right, comfortable, also for width, with toetoe socks. I think the comments about long toe pockets in the Speeds are valid because I used to have the odd issue with my nail catching the ends of the big toe pockets in my KSOs, and I've not had this problem in the Speeds.
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