Soft Star RunAmoc

Hey Everyone!  I just thought I would share a few photos with you.  I got myself a pair of SoftStar shoes.  They are the RunAmoc  I wanted a really colorful and playful colorway.  I think this pretty much fits the bill.





  • I am jealous.  I love them.  I saw that or close too it on their site and was sorely tempted.  Enjoy them.

    What do you plan to wear them for?
  • They are the colorway you saw on the site.  I liked it so much I decided to go with that.  I plan on using them for casual wear and perhaps fun shoes for political events and not so serious formal dinners. 
  • Sounds like a perfect plan.  (I couldn't bear the thought of them getting dirty trail running or anything.)  I may end up getting some color variant for fun as well.  I am such a shoe addict!!
  • I am working up a custom designed pair.  This is what I am leaning towards:  Tan, Medium Blue, and Black.

  • It looks like the depressed version of your first shoe.  ;)
  • on 1334438856:

    It looks like the depressed version of your first shoe.  ;)

    ^Very funny!  Maybe we could call it the more sober, work version -- so it's not tempted to jump off
    a bridge or anything.

    I'm close to ordering a deep purple(front)/ocean/lime(side accent) custom combo. But I don't know how to make a mock up.
  • I made that in Photoshop.  I just used the replace color function.
  • It's strange because it's practically the epitome of work casual friendly (khaki, denim blue, black) but it just looks so colourful.

    I'd love to buy a custom pair but they seem a little pricey.
  • I really like both of those colorways. If I ever purchase a pair of softstar shoes it will probably be the blue, orange, and green.
  • They are a great shoe.  I had to order a wide because my foot is well... wide.  The first pair I got was the regular width.  I felt a little cramped in the pinky toe.  They switched them out for a wide width pair.  I could not be happier.  I think they are very comfortable.  I can tell they will get even more comfortable the more I wear them.  It is hard for me to find a single toe box shoe that I find comfortable.  So I was very pleased that they work for my foot.
  • Just checked the Softstar web site.I first thought you had photoshopped the blue/orange/green Runamocs.(then I found out that's a real color scheme..quite amazed.)

    They look so comfortable.
  • Yea I am pretty sure it is this springs featured colorway in the RunAmoc.  I liked it allot so I just ordered it. 
  • 6932183538_ed5302496e_z.jpg

    I like this one I just made up.  Suede Dark Purple, Suede Moss, and Smooth White.
  • I love the purple/lime green!  I would steal the idea from you but unfortunately the Dash RunAmocs didn't work out for me.  I got them with the trail sole, which pulled away at the instep after a couple of months of wear.  I sent them back to Soft Star for repair (they have awesome customer service!) and a couple of days after I got them back the sole started to pull away again. :(  It was pretty inflexible, though...I wonder if the street sole is more malleable and less likely to do this.

    I just used my tax refund to get a pair of Merry Janes, and love them...they feel like a dressy version of the Ramblers sans sheepskin, so my feet are very cool and happy. :)
  • I like the street sole much better then the trail one.  I think it is more flexible.  You can also get an all leather sole.  That might be a good option for you.
  • Robert, How many pairs of shoes do you have? I thought I had a lot at 50+, but I have a feeling you have a lot more then that. It must be quite the collection!
  • Im thinking that BearFooted has a shoe obsession ??
  • on 1334464296:

    I like the street sole much better then the trail one.  I think it is more flexible.  You can also get an all leather sole.  That might be a good option for you.

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I got them with the trail sole because I wanted something that would get good traction on steep trails, which my original Lunas (same sole as the street sole from what I can tell) definitely do not!  The last time I wore them on a steep trail I was literally sliding backwards. :)
  • I have about 46 pairs of FiveFingers and 25 pairs of minimalist shoes.
  • 46 + 25  !!  :o  :o  Thats definitely a shoe obsession  ;D
  • You could consider me overly enthusiastic about minimalist shoes and FiveFingers.  I am a smart shopper though.  I try and only buy shoes when they are at least %25 off or more.  My ideal range is %40 off.  I also get shoes at a discount or for free because of the articles I write for the main site.
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