men fitting and women fitting

I know the difference between men and women five fingers. Men size go up by 1/4" and are wider. Women size go up by 1/8" and are narrow. Here is the question My first pair gray/palm/clay kso are M41. I went to get a new pair of M41 and they were a little tight so I brought them back and asked to try on a M42 and they fit pretty good. I got home and look the bottom of them and they are W42. I am thinking of bring them back and getting the M41 back and breaking them in like my first pair because I am flat footed and the W42 are probably not going to work because they are narrow not like men are wider. Please help me


  • If they fit, go with them. Most of my pairs have been W40's, but have recently gotten pairs in m40 (KSO's, need socks, classics are fine).

    You should have zero issue with wearing them around the house to see if they will work and returning them if you can feel them being too narrow.
  • My first pair of Vibrams were size W40. I realised they were a bit too small so when I went back to buy my second pair I tried the W41, but they were too long.

    I tried on a pair of M40 and though they were much better for width, they were too small.

    Finally I tried and stuck with the M41 - much better for width, though I wear them with socks.

    If they are comfortable and don't hurt, then keep the pair you have. :)
  • It feels like the the toe pockets are long in the W42 because when I move my toe around sometime slip out. I think I am going back the my first size "M41" because the feel tighter in the toes and won't come out. But the W42 feel good in the rest of foot. Should try a W41
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