A fresh start !

After having been running for a while in my regular running shoes, i've just hooked myself up with new VVF's (komodosport) and had my first run.

As i knew i had to start slow, but...

The feeling was just too awesome to stop, I ran just over 4 Km. Everything felt lighter and the paste was ''flowy''. I definitely fell in love with theses shoes.  Now, my calves are on fire and geez, it feels like i never knew theses muscles existed !

I'm wondering, how low do i have to bring down my Km's of running to start off ? Considering i'm a usual 8-10 Km runner.


  • Your should start under a mile, then increase by about 10% each time, on non-consecutive days. Warming up the calves and ankles before each run is essential.
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    Also try to avoid smooth park/trail paths being barefoot before you are really ready for a longer runs - it feels soooo goood that you can't stop (which can damage your feet and tendons) => been there, done that  ;D

    Running on hard asphalt can help in keeping your running distance up to your barefoot feet ability (skin weakness).

    I've learned "the hard way", that it is better to start slow, really slow :-)
  • Yeah, definitely start slow.  I'd recommend transitioning a little slower, by running in your VFFs once a week for the first couple of weeks, then add a day after that.  Running in them full time will lead to the too-much-too-soon syndrome and you could end up with top of the foot pain or a metatarsal stress fracture.
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