Fashion faux pas or not?

Just curious what fellow birthdayshoes members think about this topic. 

I have a lot and I do mean a lot of Nike and Adidas branded shirts.  Don't even get me started on hats, LOL.  These are not merely t-shirts but rather the athletic shirts with mesh uppers and other non-cotton materials.  I really like the look and feel of these types of shirts.  Would it be considered a fashion faux pas to continue to wear these shirts with VFFs.  It feels a little wrong, based on the amount of branding going on with these shirts.  There are swooshes and three stripes everywhere.  Is it wrong to be wearing minimalist shoes and then wear tops that essentially advertise for non-minimalist footwear companies?  Vibram does not make anything larger than an adult XL, so it is not as though I can just purchase a Vibram t-shirt and wear it. 


  • I don't even consider Nike and Adidas as shoe companies anymore.  They started as shoe companies but now they are Athletic Apparel and Equipment companies. 

    and besides... are you really worried about a fashion faux pas when you are walking around wearing VFF's?  That's like worrying if your hair is messy on a windy day while walking naked in public.
  • I have almost entirely rid my house of Nike and Adidas shoes, except for my wife's barely used collection.  She is not willing to give minimalist footwear a try because she believes she needs arch support.  I am not going to get into an argument over it.  She lets me do my thing and I do the same in regards to her. 

    I was merely referring to the fact that I am now 100% in minimalist footwear and wearing other athletic apparel that is slathered with logos advertising brands of footwear that I would not even consider wearing anymore.  It seems a little hypocritical to me is all.  I am just not ready to part with those shirts yet, especially since some of them are $35 or more. 
  • Clothing and shoes are two different things.  I would not even worry about it.  Don't throw away shirts over something that has nothing to do with your feet being happy.  Besides it's not like Vibram is paying you for their products. ;D
  • I don't see a problem if it's adidas. Adidas has their own toe shoes.

    It's wearing obnoxiously large Nike logos that I would be worried about. Then again they do have the NIke Frees, which are wannabe minimalist shoes.

    Regardless, who cares about fashion? Do what you like, fashion comes and goes anyway. IMO fashion is an excuse to charge people ridiculous amounts for the same materials and style in the future: it's in a cycle all the time.
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