Montreal Activities


I'm going to Montreal for 1 week, I'm looking for two things;

1) A good store where can find an abundance of VVF's and minimalist shoes
2) The best trails in the area

Any ideas?


  • I am in Montreal, for shoes it's either Mountain Equipment Company, Sail or some Atmospheres, but they don't have a lot of selection, I order mainly online. For trails, not much either. The Mont Royal in town, Canal de Lachine also. I go to Mont St-Hilaire, 35 minutes outside Mtl for hiking. Very nice trails there.
  • Thatnk you, I'll call around and see if any of the stores keep a pair of spyridons in my size. These stores should also be carrying padraig crofter slipper you think?

    Shipping would be best, but I go back one next Saturday, so I need to be sure they actually arrive. 5 days shipping, do you think that is enough?

    As for trails I will have to make do with mt. Royal, it's close to where I stay on Decarie so I'll just run there.
  • I dont know the shoes you are mentionning, so I don't know if they have them, but I don't understand your shipping question, you want Vibram to ship to you while you are in mtl instead of your home  ??? Maybe you speak French, you can ask the question in French...
  • Exactly =) It's cheaper on this side of the atlantic. Was at MEC today and found my VFF Spyridos, so I'm happy. Strangest thing though was that they didnt have shopping bags at MEC...
  • Ahhh, you are from Europe, I understand. No, 5 days is not enough time for shipping from USA to here, so I am glad you found your Spyridons. I thought stores everywhere were cutting down on bags, well here we've been trying to eliminate plastic bags to preserve the environement. So most stores ask if you want them, and everybody feels bad about taking one anyway, so we carry our reusable bags, but I guess MEC decided to eliminate them completely...
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