VFF classic top arch part pressure and rubbing


Got my first pair of VFF classic last week, and just love them. I'm yet to start running in them, so I'm just wearing them for casual walks.

The shoes are 45 size (picked following Vibram online guide), and are perfect in length - really sit like a glove.

The problem is that the top arch part is constantly pressing my foot, rubbing the skin and leaving red marks. I guess once I start running, it will create warts in this spot.

Here is an image of the shoe arch part:

Any idea if this could be because the size is too small - even that length-wise the shoe fits perfectly?
Unfortunately I can't measure larger sizes as VFF not sold in my country and I bought the classic ones online.

This question is quite important, as I'm going to buy now another pair of VFF ( this time KSO) online, and want to make sure I won't get another pressing and rubbing pair.

Will appreciate any advice on the subject.

Thanks in advance!


  • The top part of my Classics only ever irritates me if I really tighten the elastic cord too hard You say they fit like a glove, so normally you shouldn`t have to tighten the cord at all. Some people even cut out the cord altogether. I don`t do that personally, and when I make brisker movements like jumping fences or start climbing things, I tighten the elastic a bit.
  • Good idea - I will try my classic without tightening the cord.

    So in KSO without the top part, I shouldn't have any rubbing at all, right?
  • My thoughts are exactly the same as Dirk's.  Possibly you are over tightening the cord.  I do not even tighten it the slightest bit, and I wear my Classics a lot.  They are my favorite pair. 

    Regarding the KSOs, you will not get any rubbing in that same spot as there is no elastic or anything there, just the stretchy fabric of the shoe. 
  • I recently began wearing a newly acquired pair of Navy/Aqua/Camo Classics and I experienced a little bit of rubbing with the elastic completely loosened.  My feet are fat/thick and although I have never experienced this rubbing in any of my other colors of this model, I noticed it almost immediately in these.  Basically after several days of wear, the elastic has stretched some and it is no longer an issue.  Persevere and they should be fine after a few uncomfortable days of an adjustment period.
  • Dirk is a burglar by profession  ;D
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