Speed compared to KomodoSport LS? (wide feet)

A little bit of background: I went to a local store and bought a pair of KomodoSport LS. I have really wide feet (EEEE width - I'm a woman stuck in men's shoes!), so they were very snug (no room to tighten down the lace system), but still comfortable. I ended up taking them back because the seam between the third and fourth toes (where the fabric between toes changes color) formed a little knot that rubbed between my toes.

As an alternative, I've been looking at either the Bikila LS or the Speed. Neither is available locally, so I can't try them on, and I'd like to minimize the risk of having to mess around with returns/exchanges.

I would like to get the Speed because I love how it looks, and it seems like it should be pretty accommodating because of the laces, but I've read some reviews that say it fits tighter than the Bikila LS. But then I've also read reviews that comparing the KomodoSport LS to the Bikila LS, and those say that the KomodoSport LS is way tighter than the Bikila LS. Can anyone offer up a comparison between the KomodoSport LS and the Speed, in terms of fit/width?

As far as usage goes (since I figure that's relevant), I'm not a runner. I'm just a life-long bare-footer. So they'll be used mostly as everyday shoes. :)

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Go Bikila LS, the tongue of the Speed is for my wide feet to narrow so the metalic rings where the laces go through will sink into your skin. If that isn't a problem then go Speed.
    I got pretty wide feet and the Bikila LS fits me the best of all VFF's.
  • I own the Speeds.  I am not on par with Vibram's sizing chart, but that is an entirely different topic.  If you tried out the Komodosport LS and know your size in those, I would say that your Speed size should be the same.  I tried on the Komodosport LS and I did indeed need the same size as my Speeds, however I also found the Komodos to feel narrower.  It has been a long time since I tried on the Bikila LS, but I seem to recall them being wide enough.  I prefered the aesthetics of the Speeds over the Bikils LS, which is why I chose them.  Personally, I am more a fan of the traditional lacing system of the Speeds than the quick lacing system of the various LS models.  I have never noticed the metal eyelets digging into the tops of my feet as Lyonel has, but everyone is different. 
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